Why She Chose to Live in a Secluded Tiny House in the Forest

by Simplify

Tiny home communities are springing up around the world, many of them with some pretty impressive amenities just like those you’d see in more affluent neighborhoods nearby.

But, for some, living a slower, more rural existence is precisely what they’ve been looking for all along. Christine is one such example of a person who prefers to live in a tiny house in the forest rather than anywhere else in the world.

Christine’s tiny home in the forest is calming and peaceful, to say the least. It’s located in a very serene location in New Zealand, surrounded by lots of greenery, wildlife, and other natural features you can only find in the rainforest.

Outfitted with black metal framing and wood elements, Christine’s forest tiny home blends right in with its natural backdrop while still providing a modern and sleek habitat for her to call home.

With a massive wooden deck, planters filled to the brim with potted plants, and a cozy seating area, Christine is able to enjoy all the benefits of outdoor living in such a prime location. Plus, she’s able to bring a lot of the elements in with her thanks to the sliding glass doors and large, oversized windows.

Forest path

Inside you’ll find vaulted ceilings, alabaster walls, and an abundance of light. The compact kitchen and dining areas are plenty spacious for just one person to cook, eat, and entertain oneself. And the living room is positioned such that Christine can stare at the beauty outdoors at any given time.

Add in a bathroom and two loft bedrooms, and Christine’s tiny house in the forest does more than simply meet her basic needs. In fact, she feels more than satisfied with her smartly-designed home and the enchanting wilderness that surrounds it. Given a second chance, Christine wouldn’t change a thing.

Tiny house in the forest

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