5 Simple & Easy Frugal Habits That Will Save You Thousands

Today I am going to talk to you about frugal habits that will save you thousands of dollars per year. Saving money can be difficult. We get stuck in our ways and get used to having certain products around that we consider staples.

To make a real impact on our savings, we need to reexamine some of our staple items and find cheaper longer-lasting alternatives.

Reusable baggies

1. Replace disposable sandwich bags with reusable baggies

The first way you can save a ton per year is by switching to reusable baggies. Especially if you have children, you are probably using three, four, or even five baggies a day and then throwing them away.

You're probably always searching for coupons and the best deals. If you buy reusable baggies, you won't have to worry about coupons or finding the best deals.

Do not go to major retailers like Target to buy reusable baggies. Stores like Target charge $15 for five baggies. You can catch sales on Amazon and find deals like $5 for five baggies. You’ll want to look for deals that sell them for $1 or less per baggie. This change in and of itself will save you $100 or more per year.

Reusable sponges

2. Stop buying disposable sponges

Stop buying throwaway sponges. Reusable sponges are great and there are a ton of really cute prints available.

You can scrub pans and do all the same things you would do with regular sponges, but instead of throwing them away when they’re dirty, you just throw them in the washing machine. Not only will you be spending less, you will also have less garbage to deal with. 

3. Replace store-bought cleaning products with vinegar

This next change is going to save you hundreds per year, easily. Stop buying cleaning products. All of them. Do not buy them. I get it. With COVID around, you're going to want one or two bottles of disinfectant cleaner. Okay. I will allow you to have that. But beyond that, no more buying cleaning products.

This is what you're going to do instead. You're going to go to your local grocery store and buy a generic bottle of white vinegar. It should cost around $0.99 for a gallon. It's very affordable and is going to last you a year, if not more. Also, purchase a spray bottle.

If you’re concerned about the vinegar smell just buy some essential oils. If you don't want to spend the money on essential oils, you can just go to the grocery store and buy an orange or some lemons. Just squeeze some juice into the bottle or put in the zest. It will take away the vinegar smell if you’re sensitive to it.

This is a great, all-purpose cleaning solution. You can use it on the windows. You can use it on countertops. You can use it on just about anything.

Replace dryer sheets

4. Replace dryer sheets with a reusable dryer ball

The next thing you can do to help save thousands per year is to stop buying dryer sheets. Instead, buy Wool dryer balls. Wool dryer balls will cut your drying time in half, so that will already save you money.

They're also reusable so it’s just a one-time purchase. They always have great deals on Amazon. Walmart also has them for super cheap. You can pretty much find them anywhere.

Stop buying paper towels

5. Stop buying paper towels

Another way to save thousands per year is to stop using paper towels and instead switch over to reusable paper towels.

I've done a bit of research and based on my personal experience, I realized I have spent $200 to $500 a year on paper towels. I got a pack of 30 reusable towels. They come in really cute prints. 

I like to put them on a paper towel roll and wrap them around. That way you just grab them like a regular paper towel. They are just as absorbent as a regular paper towel and they wash easily.

If you’re concerned that you'll need to do more wash loads, they barely take up any space. Just throw them in with the rest of the laundry.  

Reusable products are such a great way to save. Apparently, there’s even reusable toilet paper. I haven’t gone that extreme yet. Do any of you guys use reusable toilet paper? If so, leave a comment below about what you think about reusable toilet paper.

Frugal habits that will save you thousands

I hope you got some ideas and inspiration from this article. There are so many ways to save if you are willing to make some slight changes that will make a huge impact. I love finding new ways to save and these changes have really made a difference.

Do you have any great saving tips that you didn’t see mentioned above? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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  • Gpr21930267 Gpr21930267 on Apr 28, 2024

    When was the last time you bought a gallon of white vinegar? It’s not 99 cents a gallon!

  • Linda Tucker Linda Tucker on May 08, 2024

    You can also reuse any ziplock sandwich bag if you want to wash it.

    Don’t you have to wash the 5/$15. bags? Just asking….