Camper Master Bedroom Remodel

3 Materials
3 Days

After we completed the bathroom remodel and gave it a farmhouse feel, we knew we had to follow the design throughout the camper. Next up was our master bedroom! This was what I had originally considered the dark hole. It was so dark and boring! Wait until you see the after of this one!


The most important step in remodeling a camper is to sand every single surface that is going to get painted. For the master bedroom, that pretty much meant the ENTIRE room! Prepping the surfaces is probably the most time consuming part of remodeling a camper!


After sanding everything, you'll need to prime everything! I really like Zinsser Primer and used it on the entire camper. For this, I used a roller where I could to minimize paint strokes.


Everything got a fresh coat of paint! I painted the walls with Sherwin Williams Repose Grey and the cabinets in Peppercorn. The shiplap was painted in Alabaster.


What I've learned about changing up our camper is that the decor makes a world of difference! Imagine this space with just the walls and cabinets painted, but no decor. Would have the same effect on you? I don't think so. Bring in some decorations and decor that makes your camper feel more like home.

Suggested materials:
  • Paint   (Sherwin Williams)
  • Zinsser Primer   (Home Depot)
  • Dewalt Orbital Sander   (Home Depot)
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  • Mfa56867338 Mfa56867338 on Jan 06, 2022

    Beautiful! Did you use an oil based primer?

  • Nancy Buxton Nancy Buxton on Oct 11, 2022

    I'm in the middle of trying to get my 91 Damion camper livable, my brother bought it for me because I was homeless and the guy he bought it from said it was livable but he lied to us,, it was infested with roaches that I'm still dealing with, I've ripped all the cabinets off the walls, pulled up all the nasty carpet and I'm now in the process of painting, I hate the bedroom, the bed is to big for such a small room and I'm closterfobic, and I have no idea of what to do with it.

    • Katherine Katherine on Feb 14, 2024

      Can you do a day bed or sofa that has a trundle? You don't say what size bed is there now, I assume queen, is it possible to remove closet and add storage above near ceiling and storage under bed frame?