Bedroom Closet Makeover for Under $50

Is your closet where you throw everything, and yet you don’t want to throw any money into getting it organized?

Well, I got you! It’s amazing what a plan and a few hours work can do not only for your closet, but for your peace of mind.

The things we’ve accumulated over the last year usually serve to hold us back from what we really want to be doing. Clutter never serves us well, and it adds up fast at our house. With a family of seven we need to be dedicated to decluttering on a consistent basis. When it comes to keeping our home free of too much “stuff”, most of my time is spent going through the kids possessions. Although we have a lot of of toys and clothing to purge.

As you can see, Jeremy and I also have our own clutter to go through. Yikes!

Bedroom Closet Makeover for Under $50

After putting it off for too long I went through our bedroom closet. Like everyone else the pandemic has changed how we live. We just don’t go out as much as we used to and many of us are working from home. I’ve found that I rarely wear half of my wardrobe, and although I love clothing, I don’t need as much as I used to. In an attempt at minimalist living that I’ve admired for so long I decided get rid of almost half of my clothing. Jeremy still goes into work so needed to keep more than I did, but he was able to donate a huge amount of clothing as well.

Start with a Clean Slate

The first thing I did was take everything, and I mean everything out of our bedroom closet. The carpet was vacuumed, the walls dusted and the wire shelving was wiped down. As I was doing this the kids came in and were delighted, It’s interesting to me how cleaning and organizing to this extent makes them happy. The girls thought it would make a great space for their fort. I put an end to that dream of theirs real quick.

Use What You Have

In order to save money we didn’t change the layout of our closet. Instead I chose to use what we already had to the fullest extend. We added only where we felt we really needed.

Eliminating some of our belongings served us better than adding new organizational elements to the closet.

Curate Your Closet

After I emptied out the closet I instinctually was careful not to put too much back in. I wanted to leave room to breath while I was in there and not fill it to overflowing like it was before.

It actually felt really good to give so much of my clothing away. I found myself saying, “someone will love this”, more than once. I also made sure to only use two different types of hangers for a uniform, tidy look.

I found these inexpensive fabric boxes here for seasonal clothing. I also use these smaller boxes here for undergarments, socks and scarves. They’re light weight so stacking them is easy and makes it quick to find what we need.

In our closet there’s an awkward little half corner that I found the perfect use for. I took two canvas boards like here and screwed metal hooks in them to hang my necklaces on.

Then I simply hung the two canvases on the wall as you would art Now my necklace collection is easy to see and retrieve. It encouraged me to wear jewelry a lot more.

These hangers here leave so much for room than thicker hangers allow. They’re velvet so they grip your clothing which makes it less likely to fall off the hangers. I like to hang some of my pants and I’ve thrifted several of these hangers, but I also purchased more of them here.

For a cohesive look I color code my clothing. Not only does it make your closet look more organized it gives you a good idea of what you don’t need to buy when clothes shopping.

Don’t Forget Your Closet floor

Although I didn’t want much on the floor of our walk in closet I did want these three items. While thrift shopping I found this storage ottoman. I placed it out of the way under shorter hanging clothes, and keep replacement items for our bathroom inside.

A laundry basket for light clothes in the corner. This one here fits just right, uses up otherwise wasted space and makes it simple organize laundry for washing. It has handles that make it a breeze to carry and I take it directly to the laundry room down the hall where I put it straight in the washing machine. No sorting out lights and darks.

The third item we keep on our bedroom closet floor is this sturdy little wood foot stool. Jeremy and I are both tall, but this tool comes in handy when we’re taking clothing down or putting clothing away on the top shelf. Ours is vintage, but this one here is similar and so cute.

Neither Jeremy or I don’t miss any of the things we gave away. Our closet has become a cozy, peaceful place which is something I didn’t know was even possible! Setting aside a few hours to work on it gave us a place for everything with room to spare.

Do you need to clean out your closet?

Let me know in the comments below.


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  • Carolyn Carolyn on Dec 22, 2023

    I bought a boot tray and placed my shoes on it using stackable pair organizers from Ikea. There is no rack, not enough space. (I tried two different racks, and they did not work for me. )

    Hubby has his shoes in our motorcycle closet and uses two boot trays, placing the pairs on the trays. It is easy to slide the trays out to reach the ones in the back. He wears boots or one of two pairs of SAS dress shoes.

    We presently have about 200 thin hangers in our closet. Two rods, each about 22 inches long, hold his shirts, and two rods (same length) for me hold my dressy blouses, layered tops, and a few house and dress-up dresses.

    Pants and tees are folded on two-foot-wide shelves that go up the middle of the closet. He has one side, and I have the other on the shelves. Higher shelves hold sweaters and insulated wear used for going outdoors.

    With a bit of space on both sides of the shelves, it is easier to access the clothing. The prior rod (one rod across the width) made reaching clothing at the blind ends impossible since the depth is only twenty-two inches to the studs.

    After Christmas, it will be time to purge the shelves again. Hum, might have a go at my winter drawer again too.

  • Paula Bois-Brady Paula Bois-Brady on Feb 16, 2024

    I did a closet refresh similar to yours. I went through my shoes and did a major purge. I bought three over the door 24 pocket shoe bags. I hung one over the door and others behind my long clothes or where you put your necklace storage. A 1x3 board anchored to studs gives great support. Also. 3m hooks and s-hooks can hold sandals. I hung two chains on hooks one vertical and one horizontal used them with s-hooks to space and store shoes, and handbags. Can also use same system to hang baseball hats.

    Hope these suggestions help.