How to Organize a Small Bedroom: Storage Tips, Tricks & Ideas

I am taking you on a tour of my bedroom to show you how to organize a small bedroom. A small bedroom can be organized with the right tools and ideas. I hope I can show you what I'm doing in my bedroom and some of the products I'm using, and you can implement some of those systems or products in your home.

Bedroom furniture systems

The furniture pieces I have in my bedroom are a wardrobe system from Ikea, I have a dresser, and, right below a black shelf, I have a trunk.


Let's go through what I have in terms of systems. My bed is a storage bed.

Pull-out drawers for storage

It has two pull-out drawers, and both drawers have workout clothes. That's how I maximize most of the space for my workout clothes. 


I also have my dresser. I use adjustable drawer organizers. 

Small bedroom storage ideas

I use those to further compartmentalize or just kind of categorize the different clothes that I have. 

I file fold everything. I find that it helps you save the most space. My absolute favorite dresser organizers are my honeycomb dividers. I use them for sports bras and undies. 

On the left side of one of the drawers, I have my bras. I don't wear bras often, so I don't have many of them, I don't spend very much money on them, and I just kind of toss them in on the left side. I have space for my belts and my diffusers or my essential oils because I like to use my diffuser every single day. 

In additional adjustable drawer organizers, I have file-folded scarves, workout shirts, and, then again, more socks. The honeycomb dividers are going to be your saving grace when you are trying to organize smaller items like that. 


I love my closet. It's not super fancy, but it definitely gets the job done. 

Small bedroom organization ideas

I have space for my shoes, perfumes, swimsuits, and hats. 

I have a little white box that's a sentimental box. I just kind of tossed all of the sentimental things in that little box so I could just wheel it out when I wanted to go through things. That's all of the sentimental stuff that I have. 

I have one side of the closet set up for double hanging. I have my shirts, jeans, and pants on the double-hanging side. On the other side to the right is my longer-hanging clothing. I also keep my laundry basket in my closet. 

I have two little pull-out bins with sandals. I don't have an elaborate system for those, but it is easy for me to kind of grab and go in terms of when I'm looking for sandals or if I just need to pop something on. 


I have a trunk which gives me more storage. I have organized the trunk to make sure that it fits my needs on a day-to-day basis. 

This little trunk is further compartmentalized and organized for me. 

Small bedroom ideas for storing clothes

I have little baskets inside it that I got from Walmart; they were about $3, and they're stackable if I need more storage space. 

I put my work uniforms in one bin, some lounging outfits in another, and workout shirts in the remainder.

How to organize a small bedroom

Freestanding Wardrobe

I also have a freestanding wardrobe that is more storage for my lingerie, some pajamas, some heels, and off-season items like scarves, hats, beanies, and things like that. It adds a decorative style to the room because the top of the doors are see-through. 

On the bottom of the wardrobe, I'm able to further organize with things that aren't as pretty that I don't want to be on display. 

I keep all of my other shoes, like my tennis shoes, in a little organizer that is in my living room. So as soon as I walk into the house, that is where my tennis shoes go. All of my other shoes are in my room. 

That was a quick tour of my bedroom. I hope you found it helpful and gave you some small bedroom organization ideas. It's likely that some of the systems and solutions I have set up can be used in the different spaces in your home. 

When it comes to small bedroom organization, it helps to think about creating systems that are going to work for you, are going to be organized, and meet three core principles. They have to be practical, they have to be functional, and they have to be accessible. All the systems I have set up in my bedroom meet those three requirements.

How to organize a small bedroom

My entire bedroom is organized, thanks to the storage solutions I have in place. What small bedroom storage ideas have you implemented? Share in the comments below.

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