50 *NEW* Dollar Tree Deals You NEED to Buy in 2023

by Simplify

Kathryn, a seasoned Dollar Tree enthusiast, shares 50 remarkable items for an instant life upgrade, each costing only $1.25. In her well-organized kitchen, she introduces her trusty assistant and dives straight into her top picks. We'll be highlighting some of them here!

1. In the Kitchen

The copper oven liners are a game-changer for mess-free cooking, suitable for ovens and toaster ovens alike. McCormick products and sturdy scissors with an unexpected nut-cracking function make cooking a breeze. By the checkout, Kathryn recommends the Croc lighters, highlighting their refillable nature and practical size for candle-lighting.

Dollar Tree's kitchen section is brimming with innovative products like microwave covers, high-quality sink mats, and clever sponge holders. The mesh strainers, available in various sizes, are perfect for baking, effortlessly creating professional-looking cakes with powdered sugar.

Dollar Tree kitchen accessories

Image Credit: re-fabbed.com

2. Home Organizing

In the organization section, Kathryn unveils Sterilite Brands containers, perfect for freezer storage, and shares a creative plunger hack to create a standing ghost decoration, just in time for Halloween.

Home organizing with Sterilite boxes

Image Credit: ecomodernconcierge.blogspot.com

3. Eco-friendly Choices

The store also offers eco-friendly options, such as washable and reusable veggie bags, eliminating the need for plastic bags. Kathryn emphasizes their spacious design, accommodating all produce sizes. The hot and cold bags, with a 30-pound capacity, are a must-have for grocery shopping, earning Owen’s seal of approval along with the Brillo Basics brand for pot and pan cleaning.

Dollar Tree storefront

Image Credit: thekrazycouponlady.com

Kathryn has showcased that a little creativity goes a long way at Dollar Tree, so what are you still waiting for? Explore, experiment, and enjoy the savings!

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  • Lynn Lynn on Nov 09, 2023

    Be careful with oven liners. They are a big no no for some ovens- I was told by the employee who sold me mine to never use one

  • Delilah Delilah on Nov 11, 2023

    If you find good works, that are willing to work put the items out. Keep the store clean and nice to the customers because they are the ones to write your pay checks..