9 Bargain Dollar Tree Finds

Welcome back everybody! Inflation has been hitting us hard, and all of us are interested in stretching our dollar as far as possible.

Today, I want to share my nine awesome Dollar Tree finds that will save you money compared to their equivalents in other stores. Let’s get into it!

1. Tres Leches Toast Crunch

This one is probably the best one. You can get the family size Tres Leches Cinnamon Toast Crunch for just $1.25, which is unreal.

At Walmart, the same size costs $4.93, which is almost four times more expensive! I have never seen the family size that cheap, and this is most definitely a deal and a half.

This is the perfect opportunity to stock up. I do recommend not getting more than a couple boxes because we want other people to have access to that, too. I got three boxes, and that will last us a while.

2. Chili seasoning packets

Dollar Tree offers three packs of taco seasoning, ranch seasoning powder and chili seasoning, obviously for $1.25 each.

Walmart sells chili seasoning as well, but a single package costs 74 cents, which would come up to $2.22 for three.

Ingles has a sale every now and again and sells two for a dollar, which is a great deal, but still more expensive than this.

At Dollar Tree, you are getting a packet for just 41 cents, which is a killer deal.

English muffins

3. English muffins

You can get a six pack of English muffins at good old Walmart for $1.48, while at the Dollar Tree they only cost $1.25. The savings of 23 cents may not seem significant, but those pennies add up pretty quickly.

4. Bobby pins

This is a non-food item, but if you use bobby pins, Dollar Tree is the place to be.

Dollar Tree offers a 90 pack for $1.25, and the quality is great, too, just as good as all those fancy brands. A similar item in Walmart costs a dollar but only includes 45 bobby pins, which is only half of what you get at the Dollar Tree.

I have never had any trouble with Dollar Tree’s bobby pins, they never broke or were weak, so I am not getting my bobby pins anywhere else.

Storage bags

5. 2.5 gallon storage bags

I love to get the 2.5 gallon storage bags for our emergency meal kits that I store in the basement, because they hold a good amount of stuff.

Unfortunately, it is really hard to find 2.5 gallon storage bags anywhere, and even in the stores that carry them, they are often sold out. Walmart offers a 10 pack for $3.43.

However, I will stick with my Dollar Tree 6 pack for $1.25. That is a heck of a lot cheaper and I am here for it.

6. Soda

It is insane how expensive sodas have become. You can get a 12 pack of the generic Sam's Cola at Walmart for $4.46.

At the Dollar Tree, however, you can get a four pack of the Faygo Cola for $1.25, which comes out cheaper, even though Sam’s Cola is generic and not a name brand.

So if you have a special occasion coming up, such as a birthday party, and you want to get some canned sodas, definitely go to Dollar Tree.

Tomato basil seasoning

7. Tomato basil seasoning

I was searching for a comparable item and the closest thing that I could find was Dash seasoning blend that costs $4.19. No thank you. I will stick with the Dollar Tree version.

They also have ranch and a garlic one as well. I liked the ranch a lot, and I cannot tell the difference between that and the generic or even name brand packets. This is a new item that I think is a fantastic deal.

8. French fries

These are not new to the Dollar Tree, but still one of the best Dollar Tree finds. Whether you like crinkle cut, straight cut, stew string or any other kind, you get a 12 ounce package for $1.25.

Walmart has big 32 ounce bags of fries on sale right now, so they are priced at $3.42, which is a decrease from the regular price of $3.92. Still, it comes down to 11 cents an ounce, compared to 10 cents an ounce at the Dollar Tree.

Especially if you have a smaller household, like just you and your significant other or just you and your kid, it definitely makes more sense to get the Dollar Tree ones.

Moreover, the quality is great, too, and they taste much better than Walmart and similar to much more expensive brands.

9. GuruNanda toothbrush

You might have seen the GuruNanda toothbrushes all over social media for around six dollars a toothbrush, advertised as “butter on gums”.

I was definitely not going to spend that much on a toothbrush, but when I saw that they are starting to sell the Guru Nanda brand at the Dollar Tree, I decided to give it a try. I have to admit it really is butter on gums, and I bought one for each member of my family.

Dollar Tree finds

These are all my Dollar Tree new finds that are much better deals than the alternatives at other big stores. Do you do a lot of your shopping at the Dollar Tree? What items do you only buy there?

Comment below what goodies are great deals that we should know about.

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  • Dawn Erker Dawn Erker on Apr 07, 2024
    I buy lots of my wildlife rescue supplies at Dollar Tree from butterfly nets to containers to wire cutters!!
  • Kathy S Kathy S on Apr 08, 2024
    Thank you so much for your hints! So good to know!!