Top Walmart Hidden Clearance Tips

Hi friends! Today, I want to teach you the secret ways on how to become a Walmart clearance master or a Walmart clearance queen, as I like to refer to myself.

These are the only tips you will ever need to find Walmart hidden clearance items that no one else can find. Let’s get started!

What is clearance?

As opposed to rollback prices that will eventually go up, clearance prices never go up.

This is because rollback prices just to try to get you in the store and get you to spend more money, while clearance prices are there to just push the item and get the item sold and out of the store.

So, if you see an item on clearance, this means that it will not rise in price. However, it might sell out!

What is Walmart hidden clearance?

Walmart has a clearance section, and they normally mark their clearance items with yellow price tags.

However, because the stores are huge, it is not so easy to find all the clearance items. Some are not in the clearance section, some are very high up or very low down, some are not even marked.

Walmart clearance

When do markdowns happen?

As a general rule of thumb, the biggest markdowns happen on the first five days of the month.

In addition, I always recommend you go clearance shopping at the beginning of the day. Go as early as possible – ideally, at five or six in the morning. That is when they start marking items down, and if the sale is crazy hot, it is going to sell out fast.


Keep in mind that after every major holiday they do a 50-90% off sale on all of that merchandise. This usually lasts a day or two and there is a ton of stuff left over.

Asking the manager

Never be afraid to talk to the manager at your local Walmart. I once saw someone on Instagram who bought specific dolls that I wanted for 75% off.

So I just asked the manager if they were going on clearance, and he told me that he was going to put them on clearance the following Monday of the week following, so I came then and got them. It never hurts to ask.

Toy clearances

Next, if you are already a Walmart clearance aficionado, then you know that Walmart usually has the best of the best toy clearances compared to any other store, with discounts of up to 75-90%.

The important thing is to know when these are going to happen. Usually they happen at the end of December-January, and then again in July. This is when they want to clear off the shelves to make room for the new toys.


What else can you do to improve your


1. Know your store

The first way to find these hidden clearances is to know your store.

What many people do not realize is that each Walmart store works independently of each other, so the manager from each store puts specific items on clearances based on what's selling and what is not selling, as well as what the store has left.

Therefore, when you know your store, you are going to have a better chance at finding those hidden clearances.



2. Use social media

The best way to find out specifically when Walmart hidden clearance deals on toys are taking place in your store is to follow hashtags on Instagram, as well as certain Facebook groups.

Here is a huge list of relevant hashtags to check out on Instagram. In addition, there are many Facebook groups and Instagram profiles that are dedicated to Walmart secret clearances.

Yellow tag

3. Look at yellow tags

While I always recommend that you check out the designated clearance section, do not forget to just walk the aisles and look for those yellow price tags.

In the grocery section, they put the bread and the dairy items on clearance the day before the “best before” date.

The discounts are often more than 50% off, so you can get a loaf of fresh baked bread for less than a dollar.

Moreover, check out the dented can section for even more hot deals.

4. Look for oddity

Because the store is so massive, sometimes the employees do not have time to mark down all of the clearance items.

So how do you know which items are on hidden clearance? Look for oddity: Different packaging in identical items, or irrelevant seasonal elements on the packaging might be a clue.

Matching prices

One thing to know about Walmart clearance is that a Walmart store will price match to the price, and they will price match to other big box stores like Target and Amazon.

However, they will not always price match to other Walmarts, because we have to remember that all the Walmart work independently of each other.

Shopping online

To find the best online clearance prices, all you have to do is just go into the search bar and just type in the word “clearance” and then sort them lowest to highest.

Then, on the other sidebar, make sure you click on “for sale by” and not all those million third party sellers.

This is how you find some of the best clearance prices you have ever seen.

Is this in my store?

While looking through these accounts, you might find items that you like and wonder if your store has them.

I have an amazing platform for you that will help you check that without physically going to the store. It is called also has paid memberships and free memberships, and I suggest starting with the free one.

You just need to put in the SKU number, and you will see the prices and the amount of each item that is available at all the stores within your zip code.

Finding the item in the store

If it says that there are only 1-3 items at your store, it is not guaranteed that they are in fact still in the store.

Moreover, if they are, they might be difficult to locate. However, if the deal is good enough, it is worth going to that store, being very kind to an employee and having them help you find it.

Walmart hidden clearance

These are all the tips I have for you today. What was the best deal you ever got at Walmart? Share in the comments below!

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  • Mary St john Mary St john on Dec 14, 2023

    I found fur Lind hand muffs in our WalMart store. Originally marked for $25 but sale priced at $5. When I asked a sales person, they scanned the clearance tag & I got them for $3. Bargain!!!!

    I bought all eleven they had &!used them for my dialysis patients in our clinics for door prize gifts. They had zipper pouches in them to hold keys, money, etc, also could use a 9 volt battery in them to keep your hands warm. The patients loved them.

  • Shi48905256 Shi48905256 on Jan 18, 2024

    Thank you so much for the amazingly easy-to-navigate clearance pricing and best times to encounter deals at Wally.