What to Buy in Case of a Food Shortage in 2023

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We are going to go over what to buy in case of a food shortage, which is a topic in many people's minds lately. There are predicted food shortages in 2023, the foods that will be in demand and unavailable.

I've selected the foods I believe will be the genuine shortages this year. There are many things that influence the amount of food we have coming onto our shelves, and I've considered those things when choosing which foods will be affected by food shortages.

1. Grain

The first of the shortages is grain. Grain and wheat will be in short supply coming into this year, 2023.

2. Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil, like any other oil, has already experienced shortages since the middle of last year because of the conflict in Ukraine. We experienced gradual price increases; of course, they also included the price increases in olive oil.

There are still oils available, but they still have restrictions of three per person in Europe. However, we still are in the stage where we're getting stock from the previous year. This year's oil is from the last year's production. We should be hitting the oil shortages that will be happening very soon because the stock from this year is so low.

The shortages don't necessarily mean shelves are going to be empty. Items will still be on the shelf, but that doesn't mean there will be a lot of it there, and won't be affordable. A lot of times, shortages mean that the price is going to go through the roof.

Ears of corn

3. Corn

I've been buying corn on Amazon over the last year, and it's tripled in price. I haven't checked recently, but I know there's not much available. Prices are expensive now, and it's only going to get worse this year.

4. Butter

Because of inflation, lower milk production, and the increase in the feed price for cattle, it's only natural that milk and butter will skyrocket in price.

There were shortages and price increases on butter at the end of last year, and it's only going to get worse because of this lack of supply more so than anything else.

5. Champagne

This is not a particularly important one. However, it really irritated me last year. We have already experienced this where we live, as no cheap champagne is available.

The middle champagne also seemed to exit the shelf. So all we have at the moment are the expensive champagnes left. The reason is that from 2020 apparently, the Champagne Committee introduced a 25% cut on the production of champagne.

In many places like France, about 80% of the product stays in that country when they produce wines and champagnes. It's not the end of the world, but I was somewhat disappointed at Christmas when I wanted to have that champagne, and I wasn't able to get it.

Fresh tomatoes

6. Tomatoes

America had the worst drought, and there was a drought in many other countries. I read that tomatoes are going to be quite

scarce. In America, because of the weather, but in other countries, also because tomatoes are expensive to produce energy-wise.

As far as tomatoes are concerned, it's not just the fresh fruit, but all the canned products and pasta sauces.

7. Canned goods

The next thing is canned goods. Tin and aluminum to make the cans have been in shortage for quite a while. The price of tinfoil has also increased.

A shortage of tin and aluminum will indicate that you might not be able to get canned goods or beer easily.

8. Beer

Beer is also affected by an apparent shortage of CO2. So if there is going to be a shortage of CO2 and you can't drink beer, then what are you going to do? I suppose we're going to move on and drink something else instead.

Cooked beef

9. Beef

The predictions were for beef prices to increase by almost sixfold. Again, it's not going to be a total shortage. I doubt we're going to see empty shelves of beef because the price is going to be through the roof.

So shelves are not going to be empty, but beef is going to be unaffordable for most people. Also, as farmers close down their farms and there are fewer farmers, there is a reduction in meat production. It's only natural that the prices will be through the roof, and you will see limitations on the amount available.

10. Chicken and pork

Once beef prices increase or amounts are reduced, the next thing will be chicken and pork. The prices on that will be increasing and, of course, will have limited availability too.

11. Flour

If you're wondering what to buy in case of a food shortage, flour is on the list. If you bake often, then stock up on flour but be sure that you store it properly.

What to buy in case of a food shortage

12. Salt

Another thing I wanted to mention is salt. The news has been talking about the difficulty of mining salt. We're not talking about sea salt, we're talking about ordinary rock salt, and apparently, there's something about the mining process that means we're not going to have enough salt or prices will increase.

13. Chickpeas

I read about an issue with chickpeas because of the weather that we had last year. Chickpeas have already been relatively difficult to find. Many shoppers in America and the UK say they find it challenging to get chickpeas.

What to buy in case of a food shortage

This list summarizes what to buy to prepare for food shortages. For some of those things, we may be able to recover and not experience shortages. However, as a prepper, I want to be prepared.

Are you stocking up to prepare for food shortages? Let us know how you're preparing in the comments below.

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  • Beth Beth on Feb 26, 2023

    My sister-in-law canned venison and taught other hunters how to do that, too.

  • Robert Palmeri Robert Palmeri on Mar 03, 2023

    You mentioned Flour and Butter, but I want to emphasize its importance. With Flour, Butter, Milk & Eggs, you'll never go hungry. Like Ana said, she's 'stocked-up,' on various ingredients. Purchased a large quantity at once or a little here and there, like the majority of us.

    You'll have what's necessary to make pasta, bread, gravy and so much more. If you're not already doing this when purchasing green onions, Group them together and let them grown in a few inches of water in a glass (or container of your choice) snipping only what you need, from the top. If you've never experienced this before, you're in for a treat! This vegetable seems to grow 'like a weed' - l like magic! I'm just saying, each morning as I walk past it on the way to the ☕️ Coffee pot, it looks like it's grown another inch!

    There's more, of course but that's it for now.

    RJ Palmeri 🌴