20 Essential Foods That Never Expire - Stockpile Them Now

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If you have been looking to start prepping for inflation and the crisis that follows and wondering what food never expires, I got you. I myself have begun stockpiling food, so today I want to share 20 foods that never expire and can sit safely on your shelf indefinitely if stored correctly.

The best foods to stockpile

1. Tea

The biggest thing here is tea. Tea can last indefinitely. All you have to do when you buy a big box of tea is just repackage it in a vacuum pack, put the oxygen absorber in there, and it will last forever.

2. Baking soda

Baking soda is absolutely irreplaceable, and it does last forever. It might start to get a little bit cakey and clumpy, but there is absolutely no issue. You can break it up and still use it.

3. Hard liquor

I got whiskey and vodka. Basically, any hard liquor that you can get will last indefinitely. And of course, some of them will get better with age.

4. Beans and peas

I have some split lentils, yellow lentils, green lentils, yellow split peas, pinto beans, and white beans. Beans might be the best food to stockpile. Any beans that you will get will not expire, as long as you repackage them in a vacuum bag with an oxygen absorber.

Food that doesn't expire

5. Rice

You probably already know this rice is a food that doesn't expire. Important reminder: it has to be white rice and not brown rice. You can keep normal rice without packaging it in a vacuum seal for a couple of years without issues at all.

Meanwhile, for longer storage, I normally vacuum seal mine in one-kilo packets and then put them away in a cool, dark place.

6. Grains

I keep pearl barley. Any sort of grain, whole grain, will last indefinitely if it is vacuum-sealed.

7. Vinegar

I have the normal distilled malt vinegar and apple cider vinegar. Vinegar lasts forever so long as it has not been open and it sits in a cool, dark place.

The apple cider vinegar I got is absolutely brilliant, it is proper organic apple cider vinegar with mother yeast and the bottom, which makes it really good for your health.

8. Pepper and most spices

99% of spices will keep indefinitely as long as you just store them in airtight containers. I have some peppercorn and pepper here. Pepper might lose a little bit of smell or a little bit of a taste over time, but you can still use it as seasoning and it works really well.

9. Pasta

You can simply keep pasta in the cupboard. I have done this myself when I bought a huge lot in a sale. It sat in my cupboard for about five years, without being repackaged in a vacuum bag. However, if you do worry and you want to buy more and store more, just repackaging it in a vacuum bag will keep your pasta from going bad forever.

10. Oats

Vacuumed with the oxygen absorber, oats will last forever. I got normal porridge oats.

What food never expires?

11. Salt

You can have any salt, pink salts, or iodine salt; truly, any salt will last forever. You do not really have to do anything with it; just keep it in an airtight container, no need to repackage that.

12. Soy sauce

Mine is “best before 2019” and it is absolutely fine. Especially if you have an unopened bottle, it will last you indefinitely.

13. Cocoa powder

If you want to keep cocoa powder in the long term, all you have to do is take it out of the packet, repackage, and seal it.

14. Maple syrup

It has to be 100% pure maple syrup, none of the diluted stuff, because it will crystallize.

15. Honey

Just like maple syrup, so long as it is organic and pure honey without any additives, it will last you for ages.

16. Freeze-dried coffee and coffee beans

Coffee beans might eventually become a bit weaker in taste if you do not repackage them. However, if you vacuum pack the beans again, that will last forever.

17. Milk powder

The same is applicable to cappuccino powder or milk powder. These need to be vacuum-packed.

18. Corn

I have some corn vacuum-sealed, and I regret not buying loads more because the prices have now gone up a lot. You can grind this into the flour or you can make popcorn, and it will last you indefinitely.

19. Sugar

You do not need to do anything with sugar, it will just last forever anyway. It might get a little bit hard if it sits there for a little while, but that is not a problem, you can just break it up. I choose to store it with a wrap around it just so no sugar comes out of the package and creates a mess.

Foods that never expire

20. All Day Breakfast

These are all prepared packages of food. If you can afford them, these are great to keep for emergencies. Keep them in a cool place. You do not need any heat source to eat that meal.

Foods that never expire

These are the 20 best foods to stockpile because they last forever. Just don’t forget to store them correctly, and they are timeless. I know many people want to prep but are worried about spending money on products that will go out of date, so hopefully, this list will be helpful for you.

Have you already stockpiled any food? Do you have any other hacks for getting products to last years longer? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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  • Drew Drew on May 09, 2024

    I've been told by a years-long prepper that storing rice in mason jars in the fridge is also good to do. I buy big bags of rice and put it in several mason jars and put in the fridge. Its' never gone wrong for me.

    Also, I have tried canned soup (luckily I just used a 4 pk for experiment so not much money was wasted). I kept it in the pantry (cool and dark) and found that this does NOT keep well. I had read somewhere that canned soups & vegetables will last long beyond the printed date. This is false for Campbells Chicken soup. I haven't tried it with vegetable or anything else canned.

    You can also freeze bread (I do store-bought), hot dog and hamburger buns. Since I live alone, I take the buns out and put them in individual freezer bags & store them in the deep freeze. When I plan on having a burger or hot dog, I just put one in the fridge to thaw and it's ready the next day. (let it sit on the counter a little while so it comes to room temp and won't be cold :) This has served me well and saved money.

    • Dixonphyllis273 Dixonphyllis273 on May 10, 2024

      I’ve done this with breads & butter before . The breads will not freeze long term (they dry out quickly) but do last up to 6 months. The butter holds true for up to 3 years. I haven’t tried longer. No margarine or


    be sure to keep a good supply of Clorox for its many uses like water safety,etc.