Budget-Friendly Aldi Grocery Haul & Family Meal Planning

by Simplify

Ashley is a wife and mom of two kids who usually spends $225 every two weeks on groceries. Because of higher prices, she spent $294 for two weeks of groceries from Aldi. She shares how she plans it out and mixes and matches items to make her meals thanks to her cheap Aldi grocery haul.

*Prices are as of November 2022 in Southern California.


For snacks, she loves all types of pretzels and chips. A favorite snack? Seasonal pumpkin spice cream cheese spread that goes great on graham crackers, toast, or apple slices. Ashley didn’t forget about sweets; she bought Twinkies, cheesecake slices, and the Aldi version of Oreo cookies.


For breakfast, she bought Italian loaves made of three ingredients: flour, water, and salt for toast, brioche for French toast, eggs, bagels, cream cheese, and butter. As a treat, she tossed in Aldi cinnamon rolls that make the house smell nice and cozy.


Lunch includes black forest ham sandwiches, a selection of cheeses for charcuterie boards, and a pack of croissants that she’ll also use for breakfast.


For dinner, Ashley and her family love pizzas in all forms, and she also plans a lot of meat dishes, including quesadillas, fajitas, turkey burgers, pork dishes, salmon (plus asparagus), and hot dogs. She’ll also whip up a couple of chicken dishes using jumbo packs of boneless chicken breasts. For meatless dinners, there will be pasta or shells and cheese.

Grocery shopping in a supermarket

Ashley gets in a few fresh fruit picks including raspberries, a pineapple, watermelon, and apples. Rounding out the list, drinks include orange juice, almond milk (for cereal, mostly), Gatorade, and caramel macchiato coffee creamers.

Aldi grocery haul

Since Ashley knows groceries are expensive right now, she managed to get a ton of food on her budget thanks to a grocery list she could fill at Aldi. Are you able to fill your pantry with grocery hauls?

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  • Susan Susan on Feb 13, 2024

    Seems like that shopping list needs more fruit as snacks and less twinkles. The only vegetable I saw on the shopping list was asparagus. Way too many starches and carbs.

  • Diane Wuerstlin Diane Wuerstlin 7 days ago

    One way to fix this budget -- drop the meats and add jackfruit.