10 Things You Should Never Stockpile & the Reasons Why

by Simplify

Let’s examine some of the 10 things you should never stockpile, as well as the reasons to avoid them. Stockpiling food in case of emergencies can be a good idea. It’s important to make sure you’re stocking the right products.

The most important thing to consider is how long food will last. The longer the shelf-life, the more practical it will be to buy in bulk. Products can often be used past their expiration date, but it is important to know how long different foods last in storage.

Nuts and seeds may seem like great stockpiling products, but they go bad quicker than you’d think. Nuts are a bit more problematic than seeds. Nuts will last 6 months in the sealed package, and a year in the freezer, but then they start going bad.

Crackers and anything with flour in them will go bad in less than a year. Granola has oil and oats which will cause them to go bad sooner. Baking mixes have shortening in them which will also go bad in less than a year.

Flour lasts 6 months in the pantry. In the fridge or freezer, it’ll last about a year. Put it in the freezer right when you get it and then put it in an airtight container. Don’t get flour in 25-pound bags. It doesn’t save you any money. They’re also hard to move and hard to use.

Food storage

For serious, long-term stockpiling, stick with canned goods. If you want flour long-term, you’re going to have to get wheat berries and dry your own wheat. Dry, dehydrated peanut butter with the oil removed might be okay.

10 things you should never stockpile

There are so many foods you can stockpile for years. Don’t waste time and money on things that won’t even last through the year.

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  • Nellcov Nellcov on May 05, 2024

    My experience of crackers and oatmeal stored on the pantry shelf can last a few years with no problems. Nuts stored in the freezer or fridge will last two years or more. They may not taste like fresh after a year or so, but they are still just fine. Chocolate stored in the fridge or freezer for a couple years or more might turn white-ish, but will be just fine to eat or cook with. Of course, most things store in the freezer, if packaged well, will last longer than on the shelf. This is just my experience. Vacuum sealing, as mentioned by others, helps add life to these foods.

  • Vallaree Spires Vallaree Spires 15 hours ago

    Where I live crackers are not stable after about 2 months, so I only buy what I need right now. Never stockpile that!