10 Money-Saving Aldi Must-Haves You Should Buy Right Now

by Simplify

Aldi is a great place for hidden bargains. Food, toys, household items? Aldi has it all. Here are some Aldi must-haves.

Aldi has great toys. There are animal plush toys for $.499, cheap books at $4.99, and Peppa Pig figures for $12.99. If your child loves Barbies, you can get the “real thing” for $8.99 at Aldi, or a knockoff version for $3.99. They also stock character eggs for keeping kids occupied, Play-Doh, and Pokemon tin balls.

Looking for sweets? Aldi has you covered as well, with great spring-themed offerings. Welch’s fruit snacks are only $8.48, Easter-inspired Trix sells at $6.98, and Kinder Joy eggs are priced at six eggs for $7.96.

If you have kids, socks are an Aldi must-have. They are only $4.49 and you know that you can never have too many socks for your kids.

If you are outdoorsy, look to Aldi for gardening needs. A looped garden bag is $9.99 and you can pull it with you when cleaning outside. The super-satisfying weed puller is only $16.99, and the pruners are $5.99. Aldi has a variety of colors and patterns for their $12.99, 16-inch planters. At only $69.99, pick up a potting bench complete with storage shelves, a fold-away table, and hooks for hanging tools

For your kitchen, Aldi has an eight-piece glass mixing bowl set at $16.99. They also have classy and decorative storage. For example, you can find ceramic canisters on clearance for only $4.99, or fancy sea glass containers for only $9.99.

Laundry detergent

Aldi has some other essentials like scented rattan candles for $6.99, and laundry detergent super cheap. They also have an on-the-go bag for only $16.99. It’s great quality and has lots of pockets.

Aldi is a great place for produce, with sweet and savory pink lady apples for only $3.99, Brussels sprouts priced at $2.39, and asparagus at $1.95. The cheese tray (pre-cut and ready to serve) is only $4.98 and the maple syrup costs $6.49.

Aldi is a great place to go to save money. What are your Aldi must-haves and best buys? Let us know in the comments.

Aldi must-haves

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