Weee! Review: How to Save Money on Groceries

In my Weee! review, I'm going to share with you my experience with this company that I tried out for the first time. They are an online grocery delivery company. I was able to get all of these items delivered straight to my door, and I only paid $16 for all of them.

No subscription required

This is not a sponsored piece; it is my unbiased review of my recent experience ordering from Weee! One thing I loved when I was researching this company is that there is no subscription required. You order what you want when you want, and it was super fast delivery.

While this company specializes in Asian and Hispanic foods, they also offer a wide variety of products. I opted to get all fruits and vegetables, and nothing makes me happier than getting delicious fruits and vegetables at a low cost delivered to my door. So let me share with you some of the details.

I had $20 off my first purchase of $35 or more and free shipping. That completely sold me and made me want to try out this company. I knew I was going to get a fantastic deal on that first shipment, and then I was going to decide if it went well and if I was pleased with the company, I would continue to reorder.

How to get started with Weee!

You can either sign up on their website or download their mobile app, whichever is most convenient for you. Once you get to the website, it will ask you for your zip code. That way, you know right away if they deliver in your area.

How to get started with Weee!

The next screen you see will ask you to create an account using your email address or phone number. Once you've logged in, you will be on the home screen. You will select your delivery date at the very top of the page. 

Delivery tracking

I first placed my order late on a Monday evening at around 10:00 at night. The earliest date I could select for delivery was the following Wednesday. So super quick delivery, which is fantastic. 

Delivery tracking

The other thing I loved about their delivery process was that I could track my order once my order shipped. 

My app did a real-time update. It told me I was stop four of eight, and there were four stops ahead of me. It was very specific and easy to follow. They even sent me an email and said, your delivery is on the way when it was about ten minutes from my house. I could very easily track my delivery, which I really appreciated. 

After you choose your delivery date, you can start to shop around. When you're checking out, you can also elect to tip the driver, and it gives you different tipping options. If that's something you enjoy doing, that is an option for you as well. 

Grocery shopping


You will see there are so many different types of products, and you can select from fruits, veggies, pantry, and you can choose what type of cuisine you want. 

They had Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hispanic, and American. 

I felt like the website was super user-friendly, as well as the app. When you find an item you want, you just click on the plus sign, and it adds it to your cart. There were a couple of other features that I liked on their site. 

Grocery delivery

You could search items based on what was on sale or promotion. 

I ordered a lot of fruits and vegetables that had a 10%, 20%, or 30% price reduction. I also saw other promotions like buy one, get one free or buy two, get one free. There are lots of different ways to save on their website. 


When my order arrived, it arrived in a box. When I opened it, everything was packaged nicely; nothing was damaged. There were ice packs in the box to keep it cool, but there wasn't a lot of additional packaging. 

Weee! review

There were sweet potatoes, bok choy, green beans, ginger, cucumbers, raspberries, peaches, carrots, okra, celery, raspberries, grapes, and pineapple. I got all of these items for just $16 and it was delivered straight to my door.

Weee! review 

I was highly pleased with my first experience. I was very impressed with their quick system and the quality of their products. 

Another thing that Weee! offers is your satisfaction guaranteed. 

If you are not pleased with a product for any reason, they have a refund policy, and you can find all that information under your account. 

There is a help center with phone numbers and emails. They have an automated refund process where you go to your order, click on a button that says Refund, and it walks you through the process to get a refund.

I have not gone through that process because this was my first order, and I didn't have any issues, but all of that information to contact the company is right there on their website. 

My overall Weee! review is positive. It is a service I was very happy with. Have you used Weee! for grocery delivery? Share your experience in the comments below.

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