10 Surprising Items Your Kitchen Doesn't ACTUALLY Need

by Simplify

The kitchen is where families and friends gather, share meals, and make memories. However, it's also the space that, for many of us, tends to become a cluttered mess fast. In this blog post, we'll share some insightful tips provided by renowned home organization expert, Kallie Branciforte from But First, Coffee. It's time to cut through the clutter and simplify your kitchen space!

1. Declutter Your Kitchen Gadgets

Do you find your kitchen crowded with multiple accessories that come with various gadgets but never get used? Kallie recommends keeping these additional items for a while after purchase, but if they're unused after six months, consider parting with them.

2. Rethink Pots and Pans Sets

Kallie's first regret from her wedding registry was an entire set of pots and pans. After living independently for over a decade, she's come to realize that not all the pans in these extensive sets get used. What works for one person might just gather dust for another.

Buying a full set of pots and pans may actually cause more clutter in the long run.

3. Say Goodbye to Duplicates

Duplicates or even triplicates of kitchen items are common, and often, unnecessary. How many rubber spatulas do you REALLY need? Eliminating duplicate items can help streamline your kitchen organization.

4. Simplify Your Knife Collection

We often purchase knife sets and end up using only a select few.. Consider which types of knives you frequently use and keep only those. Your kitchen drawer will thank you!

Take a long, hard look at your kitchen drawer to see what can go!

5. Organize Your Tupperware

Mismatched Tupperware or pieces missing their counterparts are the kitchen equivalent of the elusive single sock. Conduct regular audits of your Tupperware collection and discard any that are missing their other half. This will help keep your kitchen storage organized and frustration-free.

6. Limit Your Coffee Mugs

Have you ever wondered why we amass a plethora of coffee mugs, often more than any household could realistically use? Kallie advises limiting your coffee mug collection to only what you need, even considering potential guest usage. This not only declutters your kitchen but also frees up valuable cupboard space.

Keep all of your favorite coffee mugs and ditch the rest!

7. Reevaluate Your Glassware Collection

Kallie questions the need for specialized glassware for every type of beverage. She encourages us to simplify our glassware and remember that most beverages taste the same, regardless of the glass.

8. Audit Your Cookbooks

If you have cookbooks that you rarely use, Kallie encourages passing them on to friends or donating them.

9. Discard Excess Party Supplies

Those leftover cups, napkins, and plates from past celebrations often accumulate and take up space.

10. Store Occasional Serving Ware Elsewhere

Last but not least, Kallie suggests finding an alternative storage space for special occasion serving ware.


The kitchen, while a significant part of our homes, doesn't need to be a cluttered space. By following these practical tips provided by Kallie, you can streamline your kitchen, simplify your life, and make your cooking experience much more enjoyable. Thank you for stopping by and remember, for more tips on simplifying your kitchen, be sure to check out Kallie's comprehensive video on the subject [link]. Have a fantastic day!

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  • Pam Pam on Aug 28, 2023

    My kitchen does not have duplicates. There is No way I will get rid of the cookbooks. I have used all of them except one. It's an international cookbook, but the author didn't put in exact measurements so its not the easiest to use, but it is fun to read.

  • Great post! It can be fun to declutter and organize in the kitchen if you start with the treasures. This puts the rest in perspective. ❤️