Organizing Extra Bedding in Home or RV

by Ijensen
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The struggle is real.....icon :( No matter how nicely the extra bedding gets folded in the camp trailer, you pull out one blanket and the neatness is over.

The collars. A cheap and effective way to keep them rolled and neat. Bought a few at Dollar Tree but the ones I liked best were $.98 at Walmart (hopefully they reorder since they only had 2 this last time). Get the ones for large dogs because they have more adjustable length in the strap and a larger buckle.  The $.98 ones have a gray hanging cardboard label and are usually down one of the outer sides. They are less expensive at the store than on line.....go figure. I now have a stock pile for when I need more...icon ...I also remove the metal leash ring, however left on, doesn't effect the use. Rolled up bedding fits nicer in the cabinet and doesn’t fall out. I have done in my guest rooms also for the extra bedding....icon :) The headbands at Dollar Tree also work, and you get more in the package, but in the long run I think the dog collars will last longer and are an easier option (you don’t have to “roll” them over your rolled blanket). I have tried a bunch of different ways (elastic bands, velcro, bungee cords, belts, ribbon ties....etc.) and I like this the best, and no snagging of your bedding.

Also works great for all those extra "throws" we use in the winter time.
See how nicely each blanket rolls up.
The ones purchased from $ Tree are smaller, but come in a bunch of fun colors.  Nice for smaller blankets.
Suggested materials:
  • Cheap dog collars
  • Purchased dog collars - nothing else
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