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Get inspired by the many stories from people all over the world who are living their dream lives in tiny homes, RVs, shipping containers, houseboats, and more.

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She Bought Her Vintage Railroad Trailer Home for $350 at an Auction

Hannah’s vintage railroad trailer is a great example of how a well-done conversion can turn a railroad trailer into a beautiful tiny home. Tired of moving and finding roommates on Craigslist, she wanted something of her own; something she could park in an RV park with rent she could afford.Her dad had work experience on the railroad and knew that there were trailers up for auction. Hannah showed up with a budget of $350 dollars and miraculously found something in her price range.

This Tiny Home Features a DIY Bathhouse Made From Recycled Windows

A tiny home bathroom can be a make-it-or-break-it feature; it is perhaps one of the most important spaces in a tiny house. Emmet’s luxury DIY bathhouse is made from recycled windows, overlooks a beautiful forest, and turns his tiny home from a regular abode into a peaceful nature retreat.Emmet’s home is a tiny house made from recycled materials. It sits on a 40-acre organic farm near Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. The single-story home is 4 meters (13 feet) long and was built by Emmet himself, with the help of some friends.Emmet used recycled timbers, skirting boards, and other scrap wood that he collected. He estimates that 80 percent of his home is made from reused materials. The main new things he invested in were screws, nuts, and bolts.

How a Tiny Home Brought This Senior Retiree Safety & Peace

Sally Sue’s story shows how tiny homes for seniors can be a good solution for retirees seeking to downsize.Her shipping container tiny home, the SS Freedom, is 160 square feet and features a custom-designed couch that doubles as a Murphy bed, with three storage drawers underneath. The tiny home also has an induction countertop stove and a microwave convection oven.Many people wonder “Are tiny homes safe?” For Sally Sue, the answer is yes. In her three-bedroom apartment, she’d often worry about intruders; but in her tiny home, she has a full view of everything and can know immediately that there’s nobody else there.This is especially important to her as a sexual assault survivor; the tiny home security that she feels has given her “pure joy” and allowed her to pursue a new life outside of the trauma.

How She Turned a 10' X 11' Shed Into a Tiny Home on a Budget

Heather’s journey from shed to tiny home shows that with a little creative problem solving, you can take life’s challenges and turn them into a great adventure.Heather started her shed construction for work and storage space. However, when she separated from her husband, she needed a new home as well. So, she created her 10’ x 11’ shed home, which is located in Ontario on a property owned by her mother and sister.Being close to family allows Heather to nurture relationships with her nieces and nephews, while also having her own space to do whatever she wants, like having solo dance parties!

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