They Transformed a Derelict Vessel Into a Stunning DIY Tiny Houseboat

by Simplify

What happens when a boat construction worker and a carpenter get together and create a DIY tiny houseboat?

This stunning boat answers that question. Jason and Cayley worked together to build the boat of their dreams, transforming a derelict boat they bought for only $6,000 into a luxurious floating tiny home.

The boat was derelict when they bought it

They gutted the exterior and the interior, completely redoing both, and estimate that only 10 to 15 percent of the original hull remains. They also had to install new wiring and plumbing.

The couple made floor plan and design decisions with daily boat living in mind, like having stairs to the bedroom instead of a ladder, and adding a composting toilet, installing radiant oil heaters to heat the bedroom and dry laundry, adding a bump out to expand the space, and having a water heater and pump behind a removable back panel for easy access to the utilities.

But the heart of this boat is its beautiful aesthetics, with attention put into every DIY detail, from the fern and purple heart wooden door, to the swoopy-shaped wooden table. In this video, Jason takes you on a tour of the tiny houseboat that he built with his partner, Cayley, and walks you through their process both designing and building it together:

A cool thing about this DIY tiny houseboat is the way it combines beauty and practicality, like the handmade staircase with a hand-rail to make sure you stay sturdy, or the catwalk flair that also provides space for both people to stand in the bedroom.

The boat also has a rooftop deck that acts as a lounge and a garden, perfect for taking in the waterfront views and enjoying the fresh air.

DIY tiny houseboat

Altogether, Jason and Cayley are proud of their DIY tiny houseboat, and when you see the video tour of their home, it’s easy to see why.

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To see more videos, check out the Exploring Alternatives YouTube channel.

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    i see no link. I can only think that this sold long ago & is an reprint.

  • Renee Pfarr Renee Pfarr on Nov 13, 2022

    I've always wanted to live in a house boat. You two are great for sharing this. Ideas are flowing now. Thank you. 😊