7 Surprising Things That Make Your Home Look Cheap

by Simplify

We can’t all be interior designers, but did you know that certain style choices can leave your home looking rather cheap? No matter where you buy your home furnishings from—whether at a discount store or even a high-end boutique—there are many do’s and some pretty obvious don'ts when it comes to decorating your home.

So Sharrah Stevens is revealing 7 things that make your home look cheap and how to fix this glaring problem as soon as possible.

The reasons why your home looks cheap may, in fact, surprise you. Typically, this issue is caused by things you never even thought of or really enjoyed about your decorating sense in the past. And that’s because interior design mistakes aren’t always so obvious to those of us actually making them, which is where professionals often come in handy.

Sharrah says the first mistake people tend to make is creating an overly cluttered look. Even if your things are nice, too many items look messy, and messy looks cheap.

Second, leaving your TV on the floor, on a table, or in a cabinet never looks as good as when it’s intentionally mounted on the wall. Some of the biggest interior design mistakes like this one can be remedied by moving the object to a new location. It’s as simple as that.

Things that make your home look cheap

Sharrah also recommends using the correct rug sizes for each space, eliminating all fluorescent lights, and ridding yourself of those cheap boob lights builders love to put in.

The last two things that make your home look cheap, Sharrah says, are having too many matching furniture sets and having an improper furniture layout.

For a quick fix, mix, and match pieces you already own or purchase a few newer pieces and pull your furniture off the wall and into more of a conversational-friendly design.

Things that make your home look cheap

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To see more videos, check out the Sharrah Stevens YouTube channel.

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  • Virginia Virginia on Sep 17, 2023

    Wow, talk about extreme!!! -

    Talk to a designer even they will suggest adding a few items for interest - if that’s all you will have in the room.

    The showrooms are very generic so as to appeal to all tastes. Stop buy an antique shop or a flea market!!! You might be surprised what you find!! Just the thing to break up your layout or add interest.

    Not to mention repurposing and recycling is good for the earth. And I guarantee that beautiful painting, sculpture, furniture, or item passed on from your family will long outlast the new “matchy matchy” set.

    Just saying…… there is no one perfect set for everyone - you have to truely make it your own to enjoy what you have.

  • Nancy Walters Nancy Walters on Dec 07, 2023

    Over 25 years ago, bought a maroon leather couch. The firm l nd, not the mushy pillows it's ne. I added two leather club chairs , that have reclining backs, but not the "feet up" thing. In a dark blue, I think it was called blueberry. When we were moving, 2 different prospective buyers tried to buy the couch and chairs!

    My gates changed a lot over the years, but that "unset" was a constant.

    Up north, darker, warmer colors, in Florida, brighter ones. I have flat low roots tools for the recliners. Easy to re-cover in fabric. Now, more expensive, but bought used jacquard table cloths on eBay very cheap, and changed foot stool covers seasonally with the material. And at least one matching pillow, from the rest of the material.

    Room colors, art, etc change, but those tree pieces are timeless. And I am always glad to hear people say how "homey" it feels. Because that is what I always aim at!