10 Surprising Things That Make Your Home Look Cheap

by Simplify

Do you ever look around your home and think that it looks messy? Maybe, there are some ways that you could make your home look more high-end. Kristen McGowen shares the top interior design mistakes that make your home look cheap, and tips and tricks for fixing them.

The first thing that makes your home look cheap is the inexpensive, practical boob lights that are the standard in many homes. Switching these out for modern light fixtures is a small change that goes a long way.

Exposed cords can also make your home look cheap. There are cord concealers that keep things streamlined, and can even be painted. Homeowners can opt for a more major change; putting the cords behind the drywall, but where this isn’t possible, the cord concealers provide a cheap and quick fix to this interior design mistake.

Look at where you are buying your furniture and decor. Ikea has amazing pieces, but if you use too many, your home looks like the Ikea showroom. Mix in Ikea pieces, and mass-produced artwork, with furniture and artwork from other places, and stay away from indoor lights and tapestries.

Don’t worry about all the furniture matching. Having a matching furniture set is a common interior design mistake.

Moving and placing furniture

The way to get a designer, the high-end look is to mix and match pieces and patterns to give the space a more diverse look. You can mix and match furniture pieces from room to room to make your furniture arrangement more diverse without spending a dime.

When you place the furniture in the room, don’t push it against the wall. Center it to create flow and upgrade your space’s look. You can anchor furniture on a rug, just make sure you get the correct size.

In the living room, the rug should be big enough that all the furniture’s front legs fit on it. If you have a rug that is too small, you can layer it on a bigger one.

The last interior design mistake is having a messy, cluttered shoe rack. Look for closed storage for your shoes.

Things that make your home look cheap

With only a few small changes, you can make your home look high-end. How do you decorate your home? Let us know in the comments.

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