10 Tips For Free Fall Decorating

Rachel The Ponds Farmhouse
by Rachel The Ponds Farmhouse
Are you starting to plan your Fall Decorating. The time is fast approaching and I’ve already got my thinking cap on. The thing I love most about fall is the abundance of Free or almost free decor ideas.

I hardly spend any money for fall decor and the best thing is most of the decor items are easily disposed of after the season. In addition, you don’t have to worry about storage space. So here are my tried and true 10 Tips for Free Fall Decorating.

Hunt and Gather

First, I like to see what I can find on my own property so I get the John Deer Gator rolling and I search for Free Fall Decorating items. A couple of warnings about this type of decor. One, apply bug repellent before you go hunting or you may bring home some critter’s that settle into unmentionable places and you’ll be scratching them for days. Secondly, you should prepare to debug your gatherings. You can mist larger items with bug spray or repellent and you smaller items can be placed in the freezer for a few hours until all is clear.

# 1 – Gum Balls are pretty and free

Gum Balls are those sticky little balls that fall from the Maple Tree this time of year. They look great piled in a basket or made into these cute gum ball flowers. All you need is wooden skewers and a drop of glue for each one. I like to vary the lengths of the sticks so they are different heights in the vase.

Another way to use these free goodies, is to string them for garland. You can spray paint them if you prefer another color for your fall decor.

#2 – Free Corn Stalks

If you live anywhere close to a rural area, you most likely will see a corn field. My neighbors are friendly and don’t mind if I grab a few for my porch. However, you do want to ask before taking. There are always some stalks without corn and they don’t mind if you take those for your fall decor.

# 3 – Free Wild Flowers are great for Fall Decorating

Golden Rod and wild black eyed Susan’s are all along the highways as fall approaches. Grab a basket and gather some of these beauties for fall floral arrangement. Also, it’s fun to mix the wild flowers with a bouquet from the grocery store or Trader Joe’s. Note: Mist your wildflowers with hairspray to prevent excess shedding.

#4 – Acorns make great fall filler

Acorns are free for the picking. These lovely freebies are great in their natural color but are also fun to paint. Here they are surrounding a votive candle for a fun fall look. In addition, they look great in a basket or a bowl.

Photo credit: Pinterest

#5 – Wild Fruit and Autumn Leaves

In addition to wild flowers, wild fruit is beautiful and the leaves from the fruit trees are perfect for adding to your fall floral arrangement. We have an abundance of persimmon trees and the fruit looks so pretty displayed on a tablescape or kitchen counter top. Also, gather free leaves from the trees. These look beautiful in arrangements as well as alone in containers.

#6 – Pine Cone’s make great fall and holiday decor

Pine Cones come is a variety of shapes and sizes. We have a little bit of everything here at The Ponds. I love them plain, painted, broken apart for crafts, etc. There are so many ways to use pine cones. Fill a basket, add to a fall wreath with a little hot glue, use in floral arrangement, and on and on. These are painted with Copper Spray Paint to compliment the theme I have planned for my fall decor.

Copper colored pine cones are going to look so festive for fall

#7 – Spray Paint Tin Cans

If you have followed me for any time, you know I save a lot of tin cans, because you never know when you might need them. I cover them with napkins, paint them, leave them natural and let them rust. So many uses for these free items. Here I have spray painted them copper and made them into candle holders for my fall table.

# 8 – Recycle Materials

Although I just shared this tip with you, I thought it was worth repeating. These plate charger’s were made from packing or shipping material. You can see how to make them here. However, the point I’d like to make is to never over look anything and keep your mind open to new possibilities before you dismiss an item as trash.

This fall tablescape began with fun plates and a fall garland down the center. Add the DIY recycled paper plate charger’s and no one would guess what they are made of.

# 9 – Fresh Fruit, Nuts and Dried Beans

Autumn is all about harvest time and what’s better in the fall than Apples. You can use them in your decor and stay healthy at the same time. Do they still say, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Oh well, apples are not free but you can display them until they are eaten. In addition, nuts and dried beans are great for filling in around candles or displaying in a pretty bowl. We have a lot of hickory nuts that fall to the ground and therefore are perfect free decor.

# 10 – Free Grapevine

One of my favorite free decor items is grapevine. We have is growing into trees all around the property and it’s free for the taking. You can make wreaths of any size. I love the rustic, organic feel of just a plain grapevine wreath. I also use it as a garland around the top of my screened porch, with twinkle lights this free decor looks enchanting. See how to make twig plate charger’s using grapevine here.

I’m sure you have some ideas that I didn’t even think of. If you do, please share them below in the comments. I look forward to learning some new free decorating tips.

Fill a market basket with roadside florals and a vintage basket with gum balls to create a stunning porch display without spending a penny.

I hope you enjoyed these 10 Tips for Free Fall Decorating and you can see more ways to use these tips on Fall Farmhouse Porch Tour.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I look forward to sharing my next adventure with you.
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  • Bruce Coffman Bruce Coffman on Aug 30, 2023

    Love, love, love the candle holders made from Cans. I see a Dollar Tree run in my future for the glass part!

    • Robin Robin on Oct 17, 2023

      Tumbleweed is GORGEOUS! Save the seed heads of wild grasses and gather together for arrangements 'mixed with twigs. Cut interesting small branches with thorns (mesquite, acacia, and (ca carefully) make an arrangement of just a few branches. Sort of a Japanese effect. Bring in a dish., galvanized pan, saucer... fairly flat container of your choice, filled with sand. Gather interesting rocks in fall colors and shapes that please you. Arrange to your liking. See where I'm going? Go outside and look around. I bet you'll find lots of stuff to inspire you. Happy fall and happy Thanksgiving..

  • Pat Pat on Sep 09, 2023

    Must be nice to have all that free stuff for the picking, but I live in rural Arizona. So what can you do with cactus?

    • Robin Robin on Oct 17, 2023

      Oops. I replied to you I put it in the wrong box. It's in the box addressed to Bruce. Oh gosh if you can't see it, let me know.Robbie4445@gmail.com