The Best & Worst Things to Buy at HomeGoods

by Simplify

What should you buy and what should you not buy at HomeGoods? Kristen McGowan has set out to show you the best things to buy at HomeGoods, as well as items that you should perhaps pass on because they will not elevate your home’s look.

The best things to buy at HomeGoods

1. Patio furniture

The quality is great, the designs are trendy, and it comes in sets so you don’t have to match items.

2. Coffee table books

Coffee table books are a great addition to your decor that can show off your personality, and HomeGoods carries some amazing options.

3. Vases/ceramics

Antique-looking vases can bring in a dynamic look into your space, and there are great deals at HomeGoods.

4. Glassware

HomeGoods offers some unique shapes that can upgrade your collection.

5. Organizers and large baskets

There is a great variety, and they cost less than in other stores or online.

6. Quilts

With beautiful patterns and great prices, these would add texture and layers to your bed.

7. Accent furniture

To find a good affordable swivel chair or a credenza, definitely go to HomeGoods.

8. Area rugs

There are many branded ones here, and most of them are marked down and returnable.

9. Ceramic lamps

A big table lamp with a gorgeous design will be a great addition to your space.

Faux florals

The worst things to buy at HomeGoods

1. Animal decor

Kristen says these are not the best for interior design. Instead, go for more abstract pieces.

2. Faux florals

These tend to look fake, especially the colorful ones. Kristen recommends creating your own floral arrangements instead.

3. Items with sayings and words

If you want your home decor to be timeless, these are not a good fit.

4. Comforter sets

These are hard to clean and are flat once out of the bag.

5. Crystal lamps

According to Kristen, these tend to look flashy and cheap.

What to buy & not buy at HomeGoods

Here are Kristen McGowan’s worst and best finds at HomeGoods. What are yours? Make sure to leave a comment!

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