The 12 Best Things to Buy at IKEA

by Simplify

The best part of shopping nowadays is that there are so many hidden gems available in each retail store as well as plenty of people willing to share their top buys to improve your overall consumer experience.

Kristen McGowan is one such content creator who has come up with an all-inclusive list of the best things to buy at IKEA. And you can’t afford to miss this.

Before moving on to material items, Kristen says that you should keep their customer service in mind, one of the best IKEA hacks, according to her, is their pickup option.

To save you time and effort, IKEA employees do all the shopping for you, place the items you want on a rolling cart that is super easy to transport to your car, and text you when your order is ready. And the best part is that this service is done for you entirely free.

Moving on to actual products, the first consumer good on Kristen’s list of IKEA hidden gems is a plug-in, portable induction cooktops. Besides taking up minimal space on your countertop and in your cabinet, these portable cooktops are easy to use and are available for less than $70.

The best things to buy at IKEA

Next, Kristen recommends checking out several of the best IKEA items they carry in store including cooling mattress protectors, roll-out garbage and recycling frames for under cabinet storage, and toy storage bins. All of these items make your lifestyle more convenient and are quite affordable.

Other IKEA best buys Kristen loves are waffle robes, reusable face pads, eye masks, and exfoliators from their spa section. She says that any of these items seriously upgrade your daily self-care routines.

Kristen also says to grab some drawer inserts, corner bumps, and door stops because they are definitely some of the best things to buy at IKEA.

The best things to buy at IKEA

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To see more videos, check out the Kristen McGowan YouTube channel.

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  • MommaK MommaK on Mar 26, 2023

    I will definitely get some of the plug in lights. One of these would be great to keep in your luggage to help see in your space at a Hotel, Air B&B or Vrbo.

  • Krista Carroll Krista Carroll on Jan 19, 2024

    Love my Tarva bedroom furniture!!! It’s naked and we stained it to match all the woodwork through my house!!!