What Not to Buy at Target + What to Get Instead

by Simplify

Lisa Holt from Lisa Holt Design has made it her personal mission to help others like you know exactly what to buy and what not to buy at Target.

Today, she is walking you step-by-step through the best, and not so best, deals at Target. With her help, you can save big and set unnecessary items off to the side.

What items should you avoid at Target? Lisa says to forget all about convertible futons, dinette sets, and corner desks. Lisa says all of these items look cheap. Plus, there are way better options for your home out there. 

Lisa also insists you need to say no to buying matching outdoor furniture and plastic room dividers. These items simply scream no. So, put them back and look for something that will look great in your space. 

Moving in a new direction, Lisa is happy to share all of the things to buy at Target instead.

What not to buy at Target

Starting off her list of things you can only buy at Target is any item that’s part of a brand collaboration. Lisa says that Target works hard to pair up with top brands and bring affordable options to the masses.

From clothing to furniture and home goods, brand collabs can be found throughout Target stores and online. And all of these items look amazing.

Other best things to buy at Target options include cane desks, outdoor dining tables with mix-match chairs, and wood patterned or Venetian shutter room dividers. Lisa says to think creatively when you pick out new items and to never settle for sets because they look out of date.

Still wondering what to buy at Target? Lisa says to stay current with her feature videos, remember her favorite tips, and avoid anything on her what not to buy at Target list. 

What not to buy at Target

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For more videos, check out the Lisa Holt Design YouTube channel.

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  • Robert Moeller Robert Moeller on Mar 07, 2023

    Sheri is SO Right. lol

  • Nancy Pedro Nancy Pedro on Nov 27, 2023

    I don't shop anywhere that lets dudes in the ladies' restroom -- and since the nearest Target is over 100 miles away, it is easy not to shop there!