What Not to Buy at Target: 10 Purchase Regrets to Avoid

by Simplify

Though it’s a great place for many things, it’s good to know what not to buy at Target. They sell nearly everything there making it a convenient one-stop shopping destination. However, there are many tempting, fun-looking items that are a real waste of money.

Be wary of products that are set at eye level. Those are the products that the store is pushing on the consumers by making sure they can’t be missed. Sometimes those are the things that the store wants to make look more appealing so they can get rid of them.

The Comfy Dream wearable blanket is a tempting-looking product. Who wouldn’t want a big, soft blanket that you can wear while you’re hanging around at home? It’s such an appealing item, it’s easy to just grab it and not realize it’s overpriced at $44.

The mini waffle maker is adorable looking. Mini things in general are adorable looking. But making one tiny pancake at a time is ridiculously inconvenient. Products like these are most appealing as a fun concept but make no practical sense. Save that $20 for something more useful.

What not to buy at Target

Target carries a lot of very tempting-looking toys for kids to pressure their parents into buying. The Marshmallow Raider is a good example of this. What kid wouldn’t want a gun that shoots marshmallows? The issue is that these types of end-cap products almost never work the way they should. When tested, this item didn’t even work at all.

What not to buy at Target

Target has a lot of fun products but often it’s best to resist the temptation. A megaphone that doubles as a bottle opener sounds fun but is not worth the $15. These gimmicky items are overpriced junk. Save your money by shopping smart.

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