Magic Home Hacks For Every Room in Your House

by Simplify

It’s always worth sharing and trying different home hacks that make life a bit easier. Managing a home is no easy task. Kathryn takes us through her home and shares some of her favorite tips and hacks.

You can use your regular blender to create your own Nutribullet. The Dollar Tree mason jars probably already fit on your blender. Put a mix of frozen fruit into small baggies for a ready-made smoothie pack. This will turn the task of making your morning smoothie into a simple, streamlined process.

Do your curtains hang and sag at the top? Put toilet paper rolls in between each curtain ring to keep them looking nice and full even when they’re pulled open. While we’re in the living room, try decorating your mantel with candle sticks and candles. You can get flameless candles that can be put on a timer. This will give your space a classy and timeless aesthetic.

Are you having trouble keeping the hand towel in the bathroom hanging on its hook? Sew a looped ribbon on to hang it easily in the bathroom. Use a blacklight to clean your bathroom and nothing will get past you. Add some baking soda to your cleaning spray to get the walls super clean.

Baking soda

For bright white bed sheets, wash them with vinegar and baking soda. Take a quarter cup of baking soda and sprinkle it into the drum of the washing machine. Then fill the fabric softener well with vinegar. The baking soda agitates, and the vinegar deodorizes.

Store board games and puzzles on their sides. Use apple cider vinegar and dish soap mixed in a small cup or bowl to catch and eliminate fruit flies. There are so many different, incredibly useful ways to make your home look great and feel more manageable.

Home hacks

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  • Louisa Louisa on Aug 11, 2023

    I go to Wallmart and buy cheese balls in the 23 ounce, eat them, then put my spaghetti, flour, laundry detergent, anything that takes a large container and store these, since they come with a reusable lid, they are cheap, and the cheese balls are great!

  • Rachelle Rachelle on Aug 13, 2023

    Does anyone know how to prevent socks bedsheets from getting fuzzballs