The Top Hobby Lobby Shopping Secrets You Need to Know

We're going to be talking about secrets of Hobby Lobby shopping that only the employees know about. I'm super excited to share these secrets because Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite stores, which means that I get to go into Hobby Lobby and film some stuff for you, which is just an excuse to go to Hobby Lobby.

40% Hobby Lobby coupon status

40% Hobby Lobby coupon status

The first thing you need to know about shopping at Hobby Lobby is that the 40% off coupon is gone. Now they change the sale every Sunday, so specific items are on sale every single week. That said, never pay full price for anything because eventually, your week will come up for the items you want. 

Seasonal item schedule

Seasonal item schedule

Seasonal items follow an actual schedule. This is the schedule that the seasonal items follow.

Hobby Lobby app

Hobby Lobby app

If you don't get the Sunday paper or you don't have access to the weekly Sunday flyer that they sent out in the newspaper, you can always download the Hobby Lobby app to see the list of the current weekly sales. 

Sale overlaps

Not all stores do this, but in some stores, if you shop on Saturday evenings, they overlap the weekly sales, so you'll have the sales from the previous week plus the sales in the upcoming week. Again, this is not true for all Hobby Lobby stores. So make sure you check your specific store to see if your store does this. 

Online shopping

I love online shopping. I love online shopping more than in-store shopping because of the convenience. However, at Hobby Lobby, I highly recommend not doing online shopping unless you have a coupon for free shipping.

The prices on the Hobby Lobby website are often more expensive than in the stores, and when you add the shipping costs on top of that, they're much more expensive. So always try to go into the store as opposed to shopping online. 

Clearance at Hobby Lobby

Clearance items

One of my favorite things about Hobby Lobby is their huge clearance sales, where they put everything 80% to 90% off in a specific category. They had two whole aisles filled with 90% off items a few weeks ago. At my store, they always have clearance items and the way way back.

But a few times a year, all the Hobby Lobbies make a massive clean-out sale and do it after every major holiday. So we just had Easter, and I know a good 80% to 90% off sale will be coming in the next couple of weeks while Hobby Lobby no longer has coupons. 

Buy discounted gift cards

To save money, you can buy a discounted gift card from the website GiftCardGranny or Raise. You can save anywhere from 5% to even 15% by buying a discounted gift card. I always recommend buying a discounted gift card if you buy $100 or more at a specific store. 

Price matching and discounts

Many people don't know that Hobby Lobby will match competitors' prices. There are a few little stipulations, though. You have to bring in the ad for that price, which must be an exact match.

Schools, churches, and other charities get an extra 10% off at Hobby Lobby. So if you're part of a charity organization, use that discount at checkout. 

Discounts for damaged items

Discounts for damaged items

If you find an item is broken or damaged or chipped on the shelves and not in the clearance section, feel free to ask a manager to discount it.

Sometimes they will do this; sometimes they won't. But whatever you do, be sure to be kind to the employees. It's never worth it to be mean to anyone just for a little bit of a discount. 

Party supplies

Party supplies

Regarding party supplies, I recommend that you don't buy them at Hobby Lobby. They tend to be more expensive there. I always recommend going to the Dollar Tree or going to Walmart. I found that is where you find the cheapest prices on party supplies. 

Sales price adjustment 

I'm sure this has happened to you at Hobby Lobby. You'll go there and buy an item like a lamp or something, and it's not on sale. It's not one of their weekly rotating sales; the week later, it is part of their rotating sales. The good news is they will give you a price adjustment if the item goes on sale within two weeks. So make sure you keep your receipts and pay attention to those sales. 

The best day to shop 

Shop in-store Monday or Tuesday. They'll have new merchandise stocked and the store reset from the weekend rush. It's also early in the new sale week, so you'll find the best selection and the most variety.


If an item is on sale that week, but they don't have any in stock, you can get a rain check for that item, and then when it comes in, they will give you the sales price and not necessarily this price that it is that week. 

Hobby Lobby shopping secrets

Is there a sale pattern?

If you're wondering what will be on sale when, these weekly sales actually have a pattern to them, here is what they are. Craft items go on sale about every three weeks, and they go on sale from 30% to 50% off. Jewelry and jewelry-making items go on sale every three weeks as well, just on a different week than craft items. They can go for up to 50% off. 

Frames and floral decorations, they tend to rotate every other week. Art supplies like these tend to go on sale every other week for 50% off. Take these with a grain of salt, but it's a great rule of thumb to have in your back pocket. 

Hobby Lobby shopping secrets

Hobby Lobby offers some significant savings if you know a few secrets. Do you shop at Hobby Lobby regularly? Share your favorite shopping tips in the comments below.

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    I will never shop at Hobby Lobby. They disrespect women's reproductive health.

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      You know, in your heart, that killing babies is a sin against GOD no matter what the law says. One day you will stand before GOD to answer for that wrong choice. Try convincing HIM that HE should not hold murder against you……what do you think HE will say!!!!!!! Make the right choice and if you do not want a child…… is very simple…… not have intercourse.


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    I love Hobby Lobby and what they stand for!