Ingenious Hacks With Dollar Tree Paper Towel Holders

by Simplify

Stepping foot into your local Dollar Tree store, there's an item that should definitely be added to your shopping list - the humble paper towel holder. Kallie Branciforte from But First, Coffee is about to introduce you to an array of creative uses for this everyday object that may just revolutionize the way you organize your space.

1. Beyond Paper Towels: Multi-purpose Organization

While it is common knowledge that the Dollar Tree paper towel holder can be used for holding paper towels, Kallie discovered that it also doubles up as a holder for various other items. It effortlessly organizes items in the bathroom, serving as a storage item for hair ties, scrunchies, and even bracelets. Its minimal design allows it to sit comfortably on a counter or vanity.

2. A Ribbon's Best Friend

A unique way to use this holder is as a ribbon organizer. Simply load your ribbon onto the holder, and depending on the ribbon spool, you might need to remove some cardboard for it to fit snugly. You can then easily pull the required length, cut, and go! This setup becomes particularly useful around Christmas or for those who frequently engage in crafts.

Paper towel holders: Not just for paper towels!

4. A Creative Toilet Paper Holder

In the bathroom, it can be flipped vertically to hold three full-sized rolls of toilet paper. This is an efficient way of keeping extra toilet paper off the floor, adding convenience and neatness to your space.

5. DIY Caddy

Another one of Kallie's creative ideas involves using the holder to create a caddy. Attaching cups around the holder and using its built-in handle, it can be transformed into a utensil caddy perfect for picnics or carrying items from the kitchen to the patio. It can also be fashioned into an art caddy to store arts and crafts supplies.

6. Transformative Storage Solutions

Kallie also introduced a clever hack combining four napkin holders with a paper towel holder, creating an amazing stand to store paints, arts and crafts supplies, or even K-Cups for your coffee machine.

Another imaginative idea involves attaching wire baskets from the Dollar Tree around the holder, spray painting the setup, and voila - a handy basket caddy is born, perfect for storing fruits, vegetables, or craft supplies.

7. Paper Towel Holder as Furniture Legs

Perhaps the most unexpected hack is using these holders as legs for a small side table or plant stand. Kallie attached three spray-painted holders to a wooden tray from Amazon, creating a stylish and functional piece of furniture.

8. DIY Display Stand

Kallie used the holders along with cooling racks from the Dollar Tree to create a display stand, attaching them with zip ties. This stand can be used to clip pictures, notes, or even display snacks.

9. A Reminder of Its Original Purpose

Last but not least, if you're keen on using the holder for its intended purpose - holding paper towels - Kallie recommends using reusable paper towels. Available on Amazon, these towels minimize waste and are just as convenient as regular paper towels.

Who knew that paper towel holders had so many different uses?

Let's go!

Next time you visit the Dollar Tree, don't forget to grab a few of these versatile paper towel holders. With Kallie's inventive ideas, they're bound to become a fundamental part of your home's organization and decor. Who knew that such a simple, affordable item could offer so many ingenious solutions?

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