7 Surprising Habits That Keep You Broke & How to Fix Them

by Simplify

Always broke and not sure why? Kallie Branciforte has come up with 7 habits that keep you broke. And she claims that reversing these bad money habits today will lead you to develop better money habits tomorrow.

When it comes to money habits that can leave you broke, Kallie says many people fall into the trap of overbuying food. Not only does this lead to waste, but oftentimes, your refrigerator is so stocked that you can’t even see what you already have.

One of Kallie’s good habits for saving money, then, is to stop buying so much at the grocery store even when you have guests coming over.

Kallie also says that many people overbuy non-essentials like shampoo and cookware. She recommends asking yourself if you are buying these products for the products themselves or simply because you’re buying the expectation of what they can do for you.

Next up, Kallie says to stop paying extra money for convenience. She says to stop outsourcing so many chores and to do more of these tasks yourself.

Unsubscribing from sales emails

To save even more money, Kallie suggests purging your social media feeds and inboxes to rid yourself of temptations. She also recommends stopping making so many impulse purchases because the more you make, the harder it is to stop, and these charges keep compounding.

Other habits that keep you broke, according to Kallie, are eating out all the time and not having a financial goal to keep you motivated. By setting a number or price point to stick to, you’ll find yourself going out for drinks and meals or ordering takeout a lot less often.

Habits that keep you broke

Having a financial goal in mind will help you remember why you are cutting back in the first place. And by changing these 7 bad habits, you’ll save more money than you ever thought possible.

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  • Dafnel Devasier Dafnel Devasier on Jan 04, 2023

    I feel we must stay diligent. For instance, we live in a nice house too large for us but we love where we are. We keep mortgages in mind and refinanced two years ago and have a super low interest making this 3,500 square foot home very affordable. Also we make dinner every night at our home. We love food but decry excessive salt in our diet. We shop for fresh ingredients so don't buy crap. Also we can only keep fresh for no more than two meals so we don't ever overbuy.

  • P P on Jan 05, 2023

    I can't tell if I am overhoused or underhoused - the two of us raised our daughter in 1600 sq. ft. of house. Now that she's out, we have about 2 rooms too many!

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    • Cindy Ash Cindy Ash on Jan 05, 2023

      We bought a 4 BR house, but now 2 of 3 kids have moved out. Our niece is "renting" from us, and the last BR is now hubby's work at home office.