73+ Dollar Tree Organization Hacks From a Pro (Brilliant!)

by Simplify

Kallie Branciforte from But First, Coffee has shared a whopping number of 75 distinctive organization hacks available at Dollar Tree. Yes, you read that correctly! These hacks utilize everyday items in creative ways to provide convenient and cost-effective storage solutions. Let's check them out!

Mason Jar Organization Hacks

Kallie begins by suggesting an inventive use of Dollar Tree's mason jars, transforming them into functional storage. She details how to repurpose spouts from old salt containers to make an easy-to-use pour feature for the jars. She also suggests using tops from Parmesan cheese containers, which fit the mason jars and offer versatile storage options.

Additionally, she shares an upcycling idea involving toy animals from the Dollar Tree. After spray painting them gold, she attaches them to the mason jar tops, creating cute storage pieces ideal for a bathroom vanity or shelves.

Mason jars on a store shelf

DIY Hacks with Toy Animals

Continuing the theme, Kallie presents a couple of DIY organization ideas using the toy animals. The first involves cutting off the animals' heads, spray painting them, and attaching magnets to create decorative refrigerator magnets. The second method doesn't require decapitation but does involve drilling into the toys, inserting wooden dowels, and attaching alligator clips. These can be used as memo pads or photo holders.

Magazine Holders and Shelf Risers

The Dollar Tree's magazine holders, when turned sideways, are excellent for storing water bottles, according to Kallie. She also highlights the store's shelf risers, useful for maximizing vertical space. By creatively combining the risers with wire baskets, Kallie demonstrates how to create longer risers and organize spaces effectively.

Burner Covers and Wire Baskets

Kallie suggests using Dollar Tree burner covers and mini Tupperwares with magnets to create a wall-mounted storage area for small items like bobby pins or craft supplies. Lastly, she commends the wire baskets from Dollar Tree, which when combined with removable hooks, can be used to optimize cupboard space.

Who knew wire baskets could be that useful?


These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Kallie's Dollar Tree organizing hacks. Watch her as she puts out many more super-helpful suggestions with products you probably don't know about! Let us know how these hacks work out in the comments and have a wonderful, simplified day!

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  • Susie Susie on Mar 05, 2024

    Love the idea of attaching animals to the mason jars. I love using mason/canning jars for all types of storage. If you are going to need a number of jars, buying by the case saves you $$. Check your local big box store where many people wear their PJ's!!??!😉

  • Marcia Stubbeman Marcia Stubbeman on Mar 06, 2024

    Awesome job. Thanks for ALL the great ideas!!! Now, I need a some coffee!!!!