30 Professional Dollar Tree Hacks & Hidden Gems

by Simplify

Think you can only find cheap and chintzy items at your local Dollar Tree? Well, think again. Megan, from Glue Guns & Roses, insists that you can find all kinds of Dollar Tree hidden gems at your nearest store. And she’s ready to spill the tea on her favorite Dollar Tree hacks of all time.

With the Dollar Tree insider scoop to lead her, Megan recommends picking up some organizational bins, party and catering trays, and acrylic organizers. Plus, she says that the clear ice buckets and scalloped containers are other fun little items that you should be aware of.

Moving along the shelves, Megan points out even more hidden gems at the Dollar Tree. And these include products like beverage dispensers, styrofoam coolers, drain rooters, and no-touch keychains. Furthermore, she swears by their suction cup hooks, garage sale stickers and signs, and macrame plant hangers.

Other shopping secrets Megan shares include shopping on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 10 am and 3 pm because that’s when new shipments are being put out on store shelves.

Shopping in a dollar store

She also encourages buyers to show photos of the products they would like to find in the store to managers since they know the inventory well and can show you where to locate these particular items when they’re in stock.

Megan definitely knows a lot of Dollar Tree secrets you wouldn’t find elsewhere. That’s for sure. And one of her secrets includes keeping an eye out for cake trays, slides, flip flops, t-shirts, and socks—which can all be found at Dollar Tree for an incredibly low price.

Dollar Tree hacks

While these are just a few of the Dollar Tree hacks Megan has developed over the years, she’s always on the lookout for more. And new products are showing up all the time, so keep shopping for the latest and greatest items all year round.

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To see more videos, check out the Glue Guns & Roses YouTube channel.

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