10 Incredible Dollar Tree Hidden Gems

by Simplify

Andrea Jean Cleaning is sharing the Dollar Tree hidden gems that are better and more affordable than their alternatives on Amazon.

1. Plant clips

Obviously, there are many more creative ways to use these than just as plant clips.

You can close the opened snack packages, tie away the curtains, keep your garbage can liners in place, and organize your cords.

2. Balloon pumps

This super cheap pump is definitely one of the Dollar Tree best buys.

According to Andrea, the trick is to pump very quickly in the beginning and then slower at the end. Voila, the balloon is ready!

3. Tablecloth

In addition to its regular use, you can wrap big odd-shaped gifts in tablecloth instead of wrapping paper: It is more durable and covers sharp edges better.

4. Cutlery drawers

Andrea uses those in the kids’ bathroom to organize their toothbrushes.

5. Reusable gel tape

These are great to keep your rugs down or your drawers from sliding around, and they are cheaper than on Amazon.


6. Crafter’s square pencil container

This tube-shaped case can hold anything you want, from travel items to kitchen appliances.

7. Craft scraper

Andrea recommends using it together with Goo Gone as the best way to get the sticker off your new items.

8. Wi-Fi sign

In contrast to similar stores, at Dollar Tree you can get one for just $1.25, and that is an excellent deal.

9. Water bottle and snack holder in one

Less dishes to wash, and great to take with you on the road.

10. Dog treat container

Andrea’s creative use for this one is a popcorn bowl – amazing for movie nights.

So these are the best buys at Dollar Tree according to Andrea Jean Cleaning. Do you have any more ideas on how to use those? Leave a comment!

Dollar Tree hidden gems

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  • Betty Betty on Nov 04, 2023

    I buy the table clothes or shower curtains to use as drop clothes when painting or table covers for kids painting and crafts. They work great for gardening to use when planting and transplanting inside.

  • Betty Betty on Nov 04, 2023

    Their greeting cards can't be beat. They even have religious ones. Bargains: toothpaste, tooth brushes, snacks, batteries, etc.