15 Common Things to Stop Buying to Save Money

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I’m going to give you my personal list of 15 common things we’ve stopped buying to save money. I am not saying it is wrong if you do spend money on these things. These are just our personal choices that help us to be a little more frugal and intentional with our lives.

Doing nails at home

1. Manicures and pedicures

I’ve never felt the need to have my nails done every six weeks. I just do them at home. 

Limited makeup products

2. Makeup and beauty products

I don’t feel the need to have all this excess stuff that other people may say I need. What I use is what I own. I only use about six makeup products, including face powder, one eyeshadow, mascara, brow gel pencil, blush, eyeliner for special occasions, and three or four lipsticks. That’s it!

I do not have primer, foundation, or makeup wipes. I also don’t have anything except shampoo and conditioner, leave-in conditioner for after the shower, and vitamin E oil for my ends to keep them healthy.

Beauty items I don't buy

3. Eyebrows, facials, or tanning products

I just pluck my own eyebrows and I accept my skin the way it is. For facials and face masks, I make my own using common items such as avocados, lemons, and yogurt, and it’s all good for your skin.

4. Haircuts

My mom cut my hair my whole life and she taught me how to cut my husband’s hair. We bought a $30 generic haircutting kit. We use it every six weeks.

Seasonal decorations I don't buy

5. Seasonal decorations

I don’t buy spring or fall decor. I bring out a few things at Christmas like a mini-tree, some lights, and stockings. Sometimes I do feel like a grinch because I don’t enjoy shopping for these items. 

Buying meaningful souvenirs

6. Memorabilia and knick-knacks

These are items that you’d buy if you were on a trip, like a keychain or a statue. I would rather buy a cute book or handmade scarf and you can still say you got it where you visited.

Reusable water bottle

7. Water bottles

We just use our reusable water bottles. We fill them up and we’re good to go.

DIY cleaning supplies

8. Cleaning supplies

I haven’t bought cleaning supplies in about three years. I make my own from home using vinegar, water, essential oils, and baking soda. I have two cleaners. One is a generic, all-purpose cleaner and the other one is a disinfectant spray. They work great and there are no harmful ingredients in them.

Reusable bags

9. Plastic bags

I don’t use any plastic bags for the grocery store or ziplock bags. I use reusable bags for the store and nifty produce bags for vegetables. They work great.

Reusable straw

10. Single-use plastics

I don’t bring in my home plastics or paper products that we will only use once and throw away like straws, plates, and napkins. We just use towels. I have some really cool washable straws that I bought and it’s all good for the environment.

Wrapping gifts in fabric

11. Gift wrapping and bags

Sometimes I buy wrapping paper but mostly I reuse gift bags that people give me or I’ll use fabric. Sometimes I’ll go buy a new kitchen towel and give it as part of the gift so it’s more practical that way and it’s not just paper that will be thrown away. 

Tiny house

12. Rent

We built a tiny house in my parent’s backyard so we don’t spend money on rent. We just pay for our utilities like water, sewer, garbage, electricity, and Wifi. 

13. Car washes

Car washes are great, but they are expensive. We just bought some scrubbers and towels to wash the car in the driveway at home. 

14. Subscriptions and memberships

These are things like gym memberships, Spotify, Hulu, magazine subscriptions, and beauty and clothing box subscriptions. Even though they say “it’s only $10 or $20 a month” are you really getting the best use out of these things?

The only thing we have a subscription to is Amazon Prime. We use it all the time and I love to use Prime video and the books and things included in the membership. We’re getting a lot of use out of that.

Things to stop buying to save money

15. Newest tech and cars

We do own a lot of nice things. We both have AirPods and phones, and we both have laptops, camera equipment, but we don’t feel the need to go out and buy the latest car or iPhone every year they come out.

We buy and invest in something and use it until we can’t use it anymore. My husband had an iPhone for 5 years. It was an iPhone 5 but it stopped working and he just bought the 11. 

Things to stop buying to save money

Those are the 15 things I don’t spend money on. We put the money we save towards travel or making new memories or investing in things we know we’ll get long-term use out of.

Another tip to live intentionally? Don’t give in to impulse buys. So often, we see a 60 percent off sale, for example, that we think we can’t pass up. But think of it this way: It’s 100 percent off if you don’t buy it! Choose not to buy something just because it’s on sale. Are you really going to want it in a week when it’s no longer something that’s new?

Let us know what things you’ve stopped buying by leaving us a comment below.

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  • Ellen Ellen on Apr 01, 2023

    Curious what it costs to put a tiny house in backyard. Don’t you need a permit from a town or city? I’d like this when my children and grand kids come to stay!

    My cell phone is about 10 yrs old now.

    I still like it but newer technology wants us to buy more and more new ones and disables things to make it more difficult to use old equipment. I had to stop using two perfectly good printers because Apple printer app and newer wifi disabled my working printers! I know I have too much other stuff cluttering my house and life but hard to readjust. I hold on to things I spent time to shop for and spent $ on. I do mostly buy discounts and don’t go to high end stores. Some items like appliances are sometimes better to get at reliable retail stores ny daughter found out.

  • Barbara Barbara on May 01, 2023

    You are so very wise for your age. You have truly inspired me to make some much needed changes in my lifestyle. Thank you.