How to Declutter Your Kitchen in Just 15 Minutes

by Simplify

Dawn, from The Minimal Mom, says that no matter what your kitchen looks like today, she can show you how to declutter any kitchen in 15 minutes. According to Dawn, when you declutter and organize your kitchen, you cook more and clean less often.

How to declutter your kitchen

To declutter your kitchen like a minimalist, you only need two cardboard boxes and a black trash bag. Dawn says that the best ways to declutter your kitchen are using these three items and predetermined categories: donate, time will tell, and garbage.

When it comes to learning how to declutter a kitchen counter, Dawn says that it has to be just as easy to put an item away as it is to set it out.

One way to do that is to store items closely to where you’ll be using them every day. With this hack, you can declutter a kitchen quickly and get more organized.

Next, to declutter kitchen cabinets, Dawn says to go through each one of them and remove any items that you haven’t used in the past year. Those items can then go in either the donation box or the "time will tell" box if you’re not quite ready to donate them yet.

Another tip Dawn shares for how to declutter a kitchen is to give yourself permission for throwing things away guilt-free for one day—even if they could potentially be donated. That’s because throwing away a trash bag full of stuff helps your kitchen function better now, and it helps you feel better long term.

How to declutter your kitchen

Following these tips, your declutter kitchen before and after results will be incredible. Learning how to declutter a kitchen in fifteen minutes isn’t as hard as you might think, and you’ll enjoy having fewer stacked items strewn everywhere and more available space to cook in.

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To see more videos, check out The Minimal Mom YouTube channel.

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  • Brianna Brianna on Sep 05, 2022

    Have been working on decluttering my kitchen ever since i bought your workbook but it sure is a slow process for me. . .when you say you are just going to put your 'time will tell' box in the basement it makes my heart drop. I would LOVE to have a basement, an attic, a linen closet, a coat entry closet, a pantry, bathroom drawers.

    Our small apt has none of those and it is a living nightmare trying to keep it all organized and tidy.

  • Sarah Sarah on Sep 07, 2022

    I’m with you, no room in small apartment. My thinking is if you bring something in, out goes something else. Easier said than done.