30 Day Declutter Challenge to Get Rid of 300 Things

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If you have been wanting to start decluttering, but do not know where to start, I got you.

Here is a 30 day declutter challenge, where you declutter a set amount of items in a specific category each day, which collectively comes up to 300 items! Yes, in just 30 days of decluttering you can get rid of that much.

Of course, you could also move at a faster pace and do it all in one big decluttering weekend. In any case, let’s get started!

1. Miscellaneous

First let’s tackle your linen closet. Go through all of your towels and washcloths, and find the two most ratty and worn out of the entire bunch.

Then take out your wallet and look for three cards that you have not been using, whether a reward card, credit card, or even an insurance card.

Finally, find five pencils that are either too short to write with comfortably or have lost their eraser. As you are pulling these items aside, decide what their fate is.

Most of it is going to go in the trash, but worn out towels, for example, can be donated to animal shelters.

2. Filing cabinet

Pull out six papers that are outdated: irrelevant manuals, deeds to old cars, documents for taxes that have been filed.

3. Underwear drawer

Find four pairs of socks with holes or ones you never wear; perhaps holiday socks that are too scratchy. Then look through all of your undergarments and pull out the three that are of the lowest quality.

4. Pictures

Take out a collection of photos or a part of it, and look for duplicates, blurry pictures or ones with people with their eyes closed or food in their teeth. Toss aside 20 of them.

5. Storage containers

Back in the kitchen, look for pieces that are missing a lid, ones with deep scratches, or empty product containers you do not really need. Choose six to get rid of.

6. Fridge and freezer

A few examples of things you might find are sauces you did not like, or food that has gone bad or got freezer burn. Find eight items that match this description.

7. Games and movies

Find three games you have not played for at least a year and nine DVDs or VHS movies that you are not planning to watch again.


8. Purses, jewelry and ties

Search out five total items from any of these groups.

9. Formal clothing

Pull out all the cocktail dresses, ball gowns, suits, or button-up collar shirts you have no use for anymore. Find two items to donate for someone else to enjoy.

10. Hobby supplies

Scrapbooking, cake decorating, leather work, you might have tons of things stashed away. Make some realistic decisions based on how much you really need and what hobbies you are still enjoying. Try to part with at least 10 things you no longer use.

11. Books

Look through your collection and pick out fifteen that you are not planning to read again anytime soon – perhaps children’s books or reference books.

12. Christmas decorations

Look back and remember which ornaments and lights you did not use last year. Get rid of 12 items out of that list.

13. Tools

If you find duplicates or tools you have not needed in a while, donate them to someone who could put them to good use.

14. Digital photos

You probably have thousands, so you will not have any trouble finding 30 to delete. If you do not have digital photos, go back to your physical photocopies and throw out 30.

15. Spices

Find four spices that you do not like that much and are not planning to use.


16. Kids’ toys and clothes

Work together with your children to find eight items to pass along to other children to enjoy. Give them encouragement in making decisions about things that they no longer want to wear or play with.

17. Picture frames

Now that we have covered pictures, find two picture frames that are not being used.

18. Summer items

Hats, sunglasses, flip -flops, or beach towels. Search for 10 in this category.

19. Pens and markers

Get all of them in one area and start testing on a piece of paper. There will probably be at least 20 that have dried out and can go directly into the trash can.

20. Luggage and bags

See if you can find six bags, purses or suitcases to pass along.

21. Music collection

If you have been collecting vinyl records, CDs or tapes, find 14 you have not listened to for a while or have access to online.

22. Pet products

If you have a pet, find five products, such as toys or grooming supplies, that they no longer need.

23. Candles, tea lights and air sprays

Take a look through them and find four to let go of.

24. Cleaning supplies

Look at all the sprays, liquids, scrub brushes and rags. You should be able to find at least 9 items to get rid of.

25. Art and home decor

Find 12 knick knacks that no longer fit your style and donate them to someone who can appreciate them more.

Kitchen utensils

26. Utensils

Inspect your silverware, spatulas, can openers, whisks, and all the other random items in your utensil drawer, and find eight things you are not using.

27. Cups, mugs and bottles

I bet you have no problem finding 14 from this category that you can easily part with.

28. Casual t-shirts

We often get free t-shirts at events and activities, and they pile up, so find ten from all the family members collectively that no one is wearing.

29. Leftover project supplies

Look at all the plywood, nails, tiles, electrical wiring, etc. in your basement or garage and donate 20 items to a Habitat for Humanity Restore or offer for free online.

30. Bedding, pillows, and extra blankets

Here is the last category where you will find the seven items you need for the magic 300.

If you didn't quite make it to 300 items, here are a few additional ideas: small home accessories, gift wrap, snow gear, unused electronics, and self care products.

30 day declutter challenge

All of these categories are things I have decluttered in my own process, and I honestly do not miss anything I have gotten rid of.

I hope I have motivated you to start decluttering, and you will give this 30 day declutter challenge a try. What is the category you need to declutter most urgently? Share in the comments!

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