Bathroom Declutter: 15 Things You Don't Need in Your Bathroom

by Simplify

Candice, from Simplify This Life, admits that decluttering can be an overwhelming process sometimes, especially when you don’t know where to start. So, she’s sharing 15 bathroom declutter ideas that can help you easily declutter bathroom products from your home in under twenty minutes.

The first thing you can get rid of when you declutter a bathroom cabinet is lotion. She says that having multiple lotions with different scents isn’t necessary and neither is having too much or already expired makeup.

Candice also says that white towels should be removed during your bathroom declutter and organization project because they stain too easily and start to look dingy over time.

More of her bathroom declutter ideas include dull razors and shampoo or conditioner you don’t like. Plus, Candice suggests getting rid of any hot tools you don’t actually use—like curling irons or straighteners. Not only does this help you declutter your bathroom counter, but it also eliminates the frustration of dealing with so many tangled cords.

Bathroom clutter

Additionally, things like product packaging, samples, toilet seat covers, and rugs around the toilet are bathroom declutter items you should collect and throw out now. Furthermore, you should clear out all of the overly-stretched hair ties, broken bobby pins, and damaged hair clips you’re still storing.

The remaining bathroom declutter items on Candice’s list include nail polish that has separated or is a color you don’t like, anything you have multiples of—like nail clippers or eyelash curlers—accessories to tools you no longer own or don’t use, travel-sized items you never end up packing, and kits you don’t like or don’t use, such as teeth whitening kits that hurt your teeth.

Bathroom declutter

When it’s time to find bathroom declutter you can get rid of, use Candice’s helpful list and eliminate these 15 items in no time.

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To see more videos, check out the Simplify This Life YouTube channel.

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  • Wen107349517 Wen107349517 on Jun 08, 2024

    Get rid of white towels? Please. White towels are a staple in any bathroom - they look elegant and gorgeous. To keep them from looking dingy, simply add bleach when washing, and if there are stubborn stains, add a capful of oxyclean to your load. This also helps to keep them smelling great, and I always know that the towel is super-clean. Honestly, I wouldn't have anything BUT white towels in my bathroom.

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    • Dlt107363311 Dlt107363311 on Jun 10, 2024

      I read these ‘what you should do’ articles and then get annoyed with the advice. 😂 I’m not sure why I bother.

  • BonDiva BonDiva on Jun 09, 2024

    I PREFER my white towels and linens! I can mix them with colored items for fun ( or when needed when laundry day isn't yet here.)

    I didn't use them as much when my family in working and playing had more dirt and grime to deal with.

    Fortunately, we have traditional and updated products for whitening and caring for our white fabric items of all kinds.

    That being said, you cannot willy-nilly just use every product on every item.

    This is the list of products that I keep in my tool-kit for stain removal and whitening of white fabrics only.

    1.) OUT! (Enzymatic powder-( water-powder ratios)

    This product is SPECIFICALLY FOR WHITE FABRICS W/NO fancy embellishments that can become dull or discolored.

    2.) Hydrogen Peroxide

    3.) Bleach-Regular (splash-less & color-safe)

    4.) Borax-powder-Perfect for lifting protein-based stains out of fabric-it works very well with white baby items as well.

    5.) Bluing agent

    6.) Carbonara

    7.) Salt & Soda

    8.) Lemons ( to make weak lemon juice solution with)

    8.) Baby toothbrush & Silicone finger toothbrush

    9.) NEW Clean sponges

    10.) Soaking containers-plastic

    Sizes that you need for what you are soaking to whiten

    I have whitened everything from 120 year old delicate wedding gowns to any kind of clothing and/or item that you can think of.

    No one solution fits EVERYTHING!

    You have to be willing to carefully experiment

    If you want to know more-leave a reply

    My oldest daughter told me about the "OUT" product, she also says that she "doesn't have the stain-remover and whitener gene that her younger sister and I have." lol

    Good luck!

    • Nit27611178 Nit27611178 on Jun 10, 2024

      Thanks for the tips…. I will use some… although I read borax was toxic….not sure about that one… I love when replies give alternative solutions instead of what not to do.. thanks for sharing