11 Common Things That Make Your Home Look Cheap

Posh Pennies
by Posh Pennies

Hi everyone, I am Vivian. Today we are going to look at a few things that make your home look cheap. I am also going to tell you how to fix everything, even if you are on a very tight budget. Let’s get started.

80s cabinets

1. 80s cabinets

These cabinets, or any dated cabinets for that matter, really cheapen and date the look of your home. If you are not in a place where you can replace your kitchen cabinets, I get it, it can get costly.

The best way you can update these cabinets is just to paint them and update the hardware. Painting is optimal, but if you are renting and therefore painting is not an option, you can always go the swapping the hardware route.

2. Decor of any kind with words on it

No house can look classy or well-decorated with names or instructions on the walls. To me, any item with cursive writing on it is either too juvenile, too cottagey, or too farmhouse.

The worst offenders to me are things that say, “Gather”, “Home sweet home”, “Live, Laugh, Love” and “Namaste in bed”. Removing these will make your space instantly look a lot better.

3. Harsh lighting, especially blue-tinged, neon lighting

Anything above 4000 Kelvin or so is too cold for a home.

Psychologically, cold lighting reminds us of being in unpleasant places, like the doctor's office, the dentist, or the back area of customs. It is also just unflattering and makes you look worse.

My recommendation is to switch your lights out for smart bulbs. There has been a bunch of cheaper brands coming out recently, so you do not have to spend a ton of money, but if not, at least go for soft white or warm white.

Builder-grade lights

4. Builder-grade lights

Everyone has those at their home because they are cheap to install, but this also means that they look cheap.

Upgrading your lighting does not have to cost a fortune, you just have to look for more affordable options. It is an investment still, but the improvement that it makes in your space is going to be immense.

5. Artwork

Multisized artwork series

These are usually abstract prints, or there might be a continuing theme across the five paintings. A piece like this may fill up your space, but it will never enhance or elevate your space.

Instead, I suggest you just use one large piece or two large pieces of the same size side by side.

Produced prints of famous artwork

These just look cheesy, as if that “Mona Lisa” or “Starry Night” is the only painting you know. If you want to hang art prints, I would recommend expanding your artistic horizons a little bit to include lesser-known pieces of art.

Artwork can be a great addition to your interior, but as a general rule, I recommend starting by staying away from generic, mass-produced stuff.

Canvas-wrapped photo prints

6. Canvas-wrapped photo prints

Definitely at the top of the list of mistakes that make your home look cheap. I am all about printing personal photos, but do it the normal way: just print it on photographic paper, frame it in a cheap frame, or go to the thrift store and find frames there.

The pieces that leave you wondering if they are photos or canvases or paintings only cheapen the look of your home.

7. Thin curtain panels

You do not need to get custom curtains made to have thick, luscious curtain panels. All you need to do is get an extra panel on each side and sew them together. That way, when you close your curtains, they still have folds.

Things that make your home look cheap

8. Contact paper on countertops

I understand the allure of contact paper. However, the moment it starts peeling or bubbling or if you cut it incorrectly, it is s going to look horrible.

Another thing is that it does not look like real marble. In my opinion, the cost, the time, and the effort that you need to spend applying contact paper properly, if you even can get it applied properly, is just not worth it.

An alternative I suggest is to paint your countertops. It is not that hard, all you need to do is find instructions online and follow the correct steps.

9. Mismatched kitchenware.

Unless you are following a very intentional color palette and design style, and expertly matching all your pieces with a designer's eye, then mismatched plates, cutlery, and glassware are usually not a good look.

The $25 matching 18-piece set in Ikea is worth it, and you can just donate the mismatched stuff. It will look so much better, and make a better impression on guests.

10. Flat pillows

These remind me of a hostel or a motel. Flat pillows are synonymous with pillows stuffed with polyfill, or throwaway pillows, which you would buy at the Dollar Store.

If your pillow is flat, treat yourself with a new one, and you will see that not only will you feel a lot better, your bedroom will look a lot better as well.

11. Clutter

This is pretty obvious at this point. If a thing does not serve a purpose anymore and you are keeping it just in case, it has to go.

I understand many people have problems with hanging on to things, and as long as you are not crossing the line of a hoarder, that is fine, but take a plastic bin, organize it all, get it out of sight and out of the way. Just doing that alone will help the look of your home so much.

Things that make your home look cheap

These are the main ways you're making your home look cheap. What else comes to your mind? Are there any mistakes that I have pointed out that you disagree with? Feel free to discuss in the comments.

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  • Lehua Alapai Lehua Alapai on May 12, 2024

    Who cares if someone else thinks your house is cheap. It's your house decorate and do as you wish with your own home, apt, rv doesn't matter unless they pay your bills what they think doesn't matter. As long as it's safe and you love it that's all that matters

  • Leila Capell Leila Capell 6 days ago

    If things make you feel good, secure and comfortable, keep them - just don't overdo it. Don't live in a place that is 'designer correct' if you aren't comfortable in it.