What to Buy in Bulk From the Dollar Tree Online

Can you order from Dollar Tree online? You sure can!

I found this out when I was looking for an item that my local Dollar Tree didn’t carry. That’s when I found out about Dollar Tree online shopping!

I’ll show you what to buy from Dollar Tree online that can help you organize your home.

The only caveat is that you have to order in bulk, but sometimes it’s worth it. I’ll show you five of those items.

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Wire cabinet shelves

1. Wire cabinet shelves

The minimum amount of shelves you can purchase is four! Not bad!

I bought eight of them and used them everywhere to help me utilize all that unused vertical space on my desk, bookcase, on my tea and coffee center, and in my kitchen cabinets.



2. Baskets

I bought these highly functional rectangular woven-style baskets with handles in bulk.

There are so many more color options and styles of baskets online than in the store. You have to buy a minimum of 24.

I had no problem using them everywhere in the house. I used them to organize craft supplies, to hold video game accessories, to store produce, and in the kitchen to group my pantry items.

They can also be used to fill as gift baskets.

Collapsible storage container

Collapsible storage container

3. Collapsible storage container

These collapsible storage containers with handles can be bought in multiples of four.

I bought 10 ½ inch by 11 inch sized bins so they fit well on standard bookcases and on shelves to hold items like school supplies, socks, books, or toys.

Picture frames

Picture frames

4. Picture frames

I was able to start a portrait picture wall of school photos by buying frames in bulk.

Since my kids get school photos every year, I know I’ll use them all up.

For example, the 8-inch-by-10-inch Special Moments two-toned matted black plastic picture frames come in a minimum quantity of six, which works perfectly.

Use them for printable art or apply hooks to them for unique and decorative wall storage ideas. Again, there are tons of options online.

Removable hooks

Removable hooks

5. Removable hooks

There’s no reason not to buy these in bulk to have them on hand. I always need them. You have to buy a minimum of 24 packs of the same size hook.

I use my 2-pound hooks to hold tea cups on the side of my cabinet, 1-pound hooks to hang small baskets in my cabinets to hold lightweight cup lids, and 3-pound hooks to hang shower caddies full of craft supplies.

Just be aware that these are not that easy to pull off a surface (especially a painted wall) when you need to remove them!

Buy dollar tree online

You can avoid delivery fees by having these items delivered directly to the store for pick up.

It really makes sense to buy some of these Dollar Tree items online in bulk.

Let me know in the comments what items you buy from Dollar Tree in large quantities and how you use them.

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  • LaurieLane LaurieLane on Jan 18, 2024

    Several of the pretty fabric-covered collapsible containers are starting to "shed" the fabric, leaving the cardboard. Not very nice.

  • Jackie Jackie on Jan 18, 2024

    I bought two orders worth of the metal shelves. They are fine for lightweight things, but, don’t count on them holding up. I put them three deep, tied together with those plastic ties. Even with three combined, it wasn’t sturdy enough to hold a stack of towels.