What Are the Best Things to Buy at Dollar Tree in February 2023?

by Simplify

Ready to find the best deals of the year? Liz Fenwick, from Liz Fenwick DIY, is the go-to person for discovering this year’s must-haves in stores across the country. And this month, she’s inviting you to check out all the Dollar Tree February 2023 deals coming your way.

What to buy at Dollar Tree in February 2023

The best things to buy at Dollar Tree this month, according to Liz, are seasonal items like Valentine’s Day mailbox kits. Similar to products you’d see at other major retailers, you can pick these ones up at Dollar Tree for a quarter of the price. And they work perfectly for kids’ school parties.

Wooden craft items—like Spring-themed cutouts, mini pots, and signs—are some of Liz’s other favorite finds at Dollar Tree in 2023. All of these craft items can be painted, stained, or colored with markers to create cute seasonal decor pieces for your home.

Other things to buy at Dollar tree this month include clay pots, flower planters, and gardening tools. Even though it’s still cold outside, now is the time to stock up on these items before they sell out.

Felt sheets, pool noodle cutting knives, air-dry clay, and writable sticker labels are also on Liz’s list of what to buy at Dollar Tree this month. Each of these items is a fraction of the price you’d find anywhere else and can be used for a variety of different craft projects.

Plus, wood beads, DIY letter boards, candle sticks, and vases from Dollar Tree work wonders in decorating your home at an affordable price. Feel free to mix and match these pieces to create a unique look in your home.

Best buys at Dollar Tree for February 2023

What else should you look out for at Dollar Tree in February 2023? Liz says rose gold clips, Easter wreaths, cloth organizers, plastic bins, and soda can holders to name a few.

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To see more videos, check out the Liz Fenwick DIY YouTube channel.

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