The Best Things to Buy at Dollar Tree This Summer

by Simplify

You deserve joy and happiness. To help you live your best life, here are the best things to buy at Dollar Trees. Do It On A Dime's products and hacks can make decorating and organizing your home so much easier and cheaper.

Dollar Tree has some exciting and new products, like giant stackable containers that you can use to organize literally anything or their folding step stools, which are much cheaper than you can find anywhere else. Dollar Tree also has non-slip hangers at fifteen for only five dollars.

If you like picnics and barbeques, these are the best things to buy at Dollar Tree. Plastic baskets and wax basket liners. With the disposable liner in place, you can use these instead of styrofoam or paper plates.

Want to make a beautiful wreath? Pick up some of Dollar Tree's faux plants, including the beautiful eucalyptus. Wrap them around a circular wire and display them alongside Dollar Tree’s high-end-looking mirrored lanterns.

For an affordable party dish, try this Dollar Tree hack. Buy a plastic serving dish and a plastic fluted serving dish. Glue the fluted dish to the smaller dish, so the smaller dish can be the base, and spray them with gray spray paint. Add some faux fruit from Dollar Tree to the dish for a beautiful display.

Colorful flip flops

If you like going to the beach, Dollar Tree also has you covered with high-quality plastic beach baskets that fit so much, adorable beach towels, and clip-ons for your towels. Add some of Dollar Tree’s flip flops and their reusable Ziploc storage bags to the basket and you are ready for a day in the sun.

Did you know that Dollar Tree sells ice cream as well? One easy ice cream hack is to cut pint containers full of ice cream in half. That way you have two ready-to-go bowls.

For another beautiful display, buy Dollar Tree’s resin, faux rocks, vases, and faux flowers. Add the rocks at the bottom, pour in the resin (it will look like water in the vase) and arrange the flower.

Dollar Tree can really help you upgrade your home affordably. This list of the best things to buy at Dollar Tree can help you get started. What have you found at Dollar Tree that has helped you get organized and decorated? Leave a comment and let us know.

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