10 Things Not to Buy at Dollar Tree & Where to Buy Them Instead

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Since the price increase at Dollar Tree, people have been wondering what items not to buy at Dollar Tree. The Deal Guy shares 10 things not to buy at Dollar Tree and explains why.

All the items discussed are $1.25 at Dollar Tree, but at alternative stores, like Aldi, Walmart, Target, or Dollar General, you can find them for a lower price.

1. Baking goods. Cake mix is cheaper at Aldi and even at Walmart. Gelatin and flour are also not worth buying at Dollar Tree.

2. Cleaning products. The Totally Awesome brand is indeed totally awesome, but their products are only $1 at Dollar General. Other cleaning supplies are cheaper there as well. The candle lighters are also under $1 at Walmart.

3. School supplies. Notebooks are the cheapest at Target during the back-to-school rush, and markers and glue are best purchased at Walmart.

4. Pasta. What food should you not buy at Dollar Tree? Pasta, for one. You can find it for $0.92 at Walmart, or get authentic Italian pasta for just $0.99 at Trader Joe’s. Mac and cheese is also now a better buy in other places.

5. Canned products. Canned fruit and vegetables are more budget-friendly at Walmart or Aldi, and pouched tuna is overpriced here, too.

Canned food

6. Hygiene products. Soap, shampoo, cotton swabs, loofahs, toothpaste - all not worth it at Dollar Tree.

7. Spices. At Aldi, spices are cheaper, and reportedly more high-end.

8. Balloons. Preinflated and helium balloons are still great at Dollar Tree, but for non-inflated balloons better go to Dollar General.

9. Storage bags. Instead of 5 bags for $1.25, get 20 for $2.78 at Walmart.

10. Paper products. Tissues and napkins are cheaper elsewhere, with the same quality.

10 Things not to buy at Dollar Tree

For a bonus point, The Deal Guy notes that candy boxes are still $1 at Target and Walmart, and hotdogs are $0.99 at Aldi. Now we all know what not to buy at Dollar Tree. Thanks, The Deal Guy!

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  • Susan Susan on Jun 09, 2024

    No, they own Family General.


    in our area of north central Florida the Dollar General is building mini supermarkets with all the same products you get at Publix,but I dont have to drive 18 miles each way to the store since Dollar General put in a new mini supermarket only 5 miles away. gas savings make up for slightly higher prices.