10 Great Things to Buy at Dollar Tree THIS August

by Simplify

Christine, an experienced shopper over at Frugal Fit Mom, shares her exciting findings at Dollar Tree that include quality name brands and fantastic deals. Her recent visit to the store included a variety of unique products. Below are the top ten products you can't miss in August, according to Christine!

1. True North Drink Packs

For only $1.25, Christine found four packs of flavors like cucumber lime and black cherry at Dollar Tree, a deal that seemed almost like a mistake.

2. Village Naturals Therapy Epsom Salt Baths

A personal favorite of Christine, these Epsom salt baths are available in different scents and are perfect for athletes, sore muscles, and even giving plants a boost!

Epsom salts

3. Pregnancy Tests

Christine emphasizes that these tests are the best deal at Dollar Tree, costing only $1.25 each, compared to $10 elsewhere.

4. Reusable Snack Bags

A move towards sustainability, these reusable snack bags are available for $1.25, a deal that stands out to Christine.

5. Storage Containers

Christine recommends picking up these high-end, thick storage containers to use anywhere in the house.

Durable storage containers

6. Seasonal Décor

She notes the store's collection of seasonal décor, such as large pre-made signs, available months ahead of the season.

7. School Supplies

Amongst various offerings, she especially recommends Ticonderoga pencils and mini whiteboards for $1.25 each.

8. Lunch Containers

Christine praises the store's lunch containers as exact duplicates of more expensive brands, with three for $1.25.

9. Frozen Food

Her store has a diverse frozen food section, with deals like 20 ounces of whole frozen strawberries for $3 and 50-cent smoked sausage.

10. Gift Bags and Thank You Cards

Christine considers the gift bags and Hallmark thank-you cards one of the best deals, helping to make gift-giving more affordable.

Gift bags: who doesn't love them?


Christine's Dollar Tree selections underscore the opportunity for smart shopping for everyday items and seasonal needs. But who knows what you could find there? If you're a passionate Dollar Tree shopper, let us know what gems you've recently found! Simplify always loves to hear from you.

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  • Lin74909524 Lin74909524 on Aug 09, 2023

    I love watching ur vids I have caught a few on simplify but I can’t see a button to subscribe and I would love to since watching one of ur vids I have stopped going to dollarama and only go to dollar tree here in Canada We don’t get all the items on ur vids but we get some

    really enjoy watching u thx

  • Carol de la Fuente Carol de la Fuente on Aug 09, 2023

    I really enjoy your videos!!! It is great seeing what is available at Dollar Tree. We have one where I live and I have been there only a few times. This is a reminder for me that I need to make some time to go there more often. Thank you!!!