29 Things to Declutter That People Often Forget About

by Simplify

Mia Danielle is a minimalism expert who loves to teach others how to declutter and get rid of things in their homes once and for all. And while she often mentions the most important things to declutter when you first get started, today she’s focusing on the top things you forget to declutter over time—simply because people tend to skip over them.

Topping her list of things to declutter is anything you’re currently trying to sell. Mia says if you have items listed and don’t sell them within a certain timeframe, it’s best just to get rid of them now. Next up are medicines, seasonings and spices, and sunblock, which people tend to hold onto long after they’re expired.

On Mia’s list of forgotten things to throw away to declutter are worn-out or solo socks as well as pillowcases that don’t match your current bedding set. Plus, she says it’s easy to forget about cleaning supplies, cords, and cables because once they’re pushed to the back, they become out of sight and out of mind.

It's important to declutter your medicine cabinet

Other things to declutter around the house include assembly pieces and parts, prescription glasses and eyewear, cell phones, batteries, and remote controls. In many cases, these old items are no longer needed or don’t work anyway.

Plus, she says people seem to have difficulty letting go of old makeup, jewelry, sunblock, pet supplies, and sunglasses they no longer use or want.

Mia also says that random items like paint cans, manuals, coupons, receipts, and greeting cards are things to declutter now. And while you’re at it, declutter digital items like pictures, documents, and email folders you no longer need as well.

Things to declutter

There are still plenty of things to declutter around your house, according to Mia. You just have to look for them.

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To see more videos, check out the Mia Danielle YouTube channel.

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  • Annie Folk Annie Folk on Apr 02, 2023

    My goodness - you really hit the nail on the head today. I relate to soooo many of those! Thanks for reminding me about my socks and earings!!

    • Gay Dean Gay Dean on Apr 08, 2023

      If you have old gold earrings, take them to a pawn shop!


    Eyeglasses with expired prescriptions can be donated at most eye doctors offices or places that sale them. They repurpose them for people that can’t afford them or possibly overseas.