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Over the many years I organized with clients, I found that most of the time, they would have the organizing products in their homes. We would usually find them in closets, in the garage, basement, or attic spaces, and they wouldn't need to buy a thing to get the room organized. They tried to get organized before but never got to where they put the space back together. These items were either not used or used for no purpose but holding items. Noticing this behavior, I found it wasn't necessary to spend much money to organize their room.

Many of these products don't even require you to buy a thing! During this process, you need to get creative. Below I am sharing cheap organizing products and tips to finish your next project. Follow along and see how affordable it is to repurpose items and products to help you get super organized. Let's begin.

10 Cheap organizing products to use for organizing

1st Cheap Organizing Item:Old Mason Jars

You probably have mason jars in your home right now! You can buy these cheap organizing products at yard sales, flea markets, or craft stores. They run about a dollar a piece or less, depending on the size.

2nd Cheap Organizing Item: Reusable food containers

Clean the food containers out well. Use hot water to help sterilize them. Some containers can not be washed in the dishwasher, so your best bet is to wash them by hand.

3rd Cheap Organizing Item: Empty toilet paper rolls and paper towels cut to store cloth napkins

You can use toilet paper rolls by cutting the long ways and then wrapping them around things to keep them together.

4th Cheap Organizing Item: Reusable shopping bag

You can use these grocery bags for storing various clothes for cleaning or other bags for storage.

5th Cheap Organizing Item: Reusable paper bags

You can use paper bags to pick up the dog's waste. These are great to organize your kids' pencils and crayons.

6th Cheap Organizing Item: Dollar store containers

The Dollar stores have lots of drawer organizers and bins with dividers in them that are durable and useful for under cabinets. I added a Storage & Organization link here from DollarTree (affiliate).

7th Cheap Organizing Item: Inherited decorative boxes with lids

Do you know those decorative boxes that you found in your loved one's home after they passed? Use them to organize your small items in your bedroom or closet. Use them to hold your hair accessories.

But, wait, there are more cheap organizing products!

8th Cheap Organizing Item: Re-purpose old office binders to manage your recipes

Binders aren't just for offices anymore. Binders can be used for recipes and coupons to help you stay on track with managing your healthy eating.

9th Cheap Organizing Item: Plastic trash cans

Use trash cans to hold car wash supplies in your garage. Then, when you want to wash the vehicle, you can also use the trash can to hold water.

10th Cheap Organizing Item: Older Trunks can store different linens or books.

Those old trucks that were hand-me-downs can be used to store your children's books or toys.

Well, there you have it. I hope this post shows you that being creative can surely pay off when organizing a home. You do not need to have picture-perfect expensive organizing products to get organized. You need creativity and time to get your home organized making it easy for you to find things.

Now it is your turn! Let's continue the conversation; what is your favorite product to use that costs you little to nothing? What cheap organizing products do you repurpose while organizing? Please share your comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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