Thrifty Pop Up Camper Renovation

We didn't have much money, but I used what we had to brighten and freshen our 1990 Coleman Pop Up Camping Trailer!
The before and afters are really my favorite. It was so drab and dull before. No life, no personality. We painted counters and cabinets, replaced the floor, spray painted the hardware, covered the bench seats and added new curtains.
We also had a fun and wild surprise pop up midway through our work that kind of put everything on hold until the proper professionals could lend a hand!
I did not remove the stove and sink to paint the countertops. I just didn't think I would ever get it back in properly, so I was very careful painting around everything and it looks great!
The comforter sets just brought bright colors and some life to the drab interior. I bought them first and then chose all of our paint colors, curtains, and accents from there.
I think the flooring made the biggest impact on the overall look of the camper. One box of adhesive tiles for $27 was all it took. A lot of cutting and filler, but it turned out just as I imagined.
Stop by the blog post for all of the details and products we used to make this budget redo a reality!
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