Boho Inspired Pop-Up Camper Re-do

Oh my gosh! I can't type fast enough. I'm so excited not only to share this reveal with y'all but, to actually be done with this camper so we can hit the road! Today I'll be sharing all the photos of the new interior in the camper. We are in LOVE!
The most important element for me in this reveal is not to show off this camper, but it's an inspiration post on how you can take a little ole something and transform it into a luxury, even while on a shoestring budget.
It took lots of patience and prayer to have this little dream come to fruition. But we finally have reached our goal and it's all the sweeter because of the amount of time we took to save and scrape it all together.
That's how we live, and it's so much better than buying this camper new and on credit, we scoured the internet for a whole year to find the right camper and yes it was hard, and at times, I began to wonder if maybe it was just a pipe dream of mine, but in the end, it fell into place perfectly with His timing, not mine. That's always better, to stand out of the way, and let God be the navigator.
We started by gutting all of the factory linens in the camper, bunk covers, cushion covers, curtains, removed them all. It took us several months, but we did it all ourselves. My husband helped me to recover the cushions in a leather-like vinyl for that bohemian vibe, I sewed new vintage-y curtains, and we placed plush down comforters on the beds. We also replaced all the cabinet pulls to dress it up a little. We feel so spoiled when we go camping!
It was just a regular factory pop-up before, and our dream come true after! I hope you'll come by the blog for a visit and more awesome before and afters!
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  • Gbe69776730 Gbe69776730 on Feb 27, 2023

    Looks great. You both did a good job.

  • Carol S. Grap Carol S. Grap on Jun 13, 2023

    We loved our pop up trailer! Amazing what some pillows and comforters can do! … even had an outdoor shower “room” sun-warmed hookup! Our grandgirls loved it! MD has a lot of great state parks!