10 Huge Walmart Shopping Mistakes That Everyone Makes

by Simplify

Walmart shopping is a weekly event for many families across the United States. With stocked shelves and deals galore, tons of consumers utilize both their Walmart in-store shopping and Walmart online shopping options regularly, and all of them have one mission in mind—to find the best prices on products they love.

Matt Granite, better known as The Deal Guy, takes these types of errands seriously. And he’s recognized 10 huge mistakes everyone seems to make while shopping at Walmart. To help you avoid these mistakes, he’s sharing his best advice with you today.

Shopping at Walmart for big items

The biggest mistake Matt identifies is buying small appliances with damaged boxes. He says these torn, ripped, and smashed boxes run rampant on Walmart shelves.

Matt says that many people also wait in long customer service lines instead of taking advantage of the return kiosks located in the store or using their mail-in returns.

Oftentimes, sale items are out of stock when you shop in the store, but there are plenty of these sale items available online so consumers should check there.

Plus, the products stored behind locked glass doors aren’t necessarily more expensive. You can still find great deals on these items, and they are locked up only for the purpose of avoiding shoplifting.

Consumers should also learn how to read Walmart’s price tags. A clearance tag ending in a 0 or a 1 means it’s the lowest price it will ever be, while a clearance tag ending in a 55 means it’s the first markdown and will go even lower.

Other mistakes you should avoid include buying from unknown retailers on the website, buying seasonal items early, failing to buy produce or brand names, and thinking rollbacks are the lowest price.

Walmart shopping mistakes

Learning these mistakes will help you boost your Walmart shopping experience instantly.

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