Decluttering Challenge: How to Declutter 20 Items in 20 Minutes

Aimee Rebecca
by Aimee Rebecca

I'm doing another bedroom declutter and organization but with a twist! I'm going to find 20 things to declutter in 20 minutes for the ultimate declutter challenge.

Everyone knows I love Marie Kondo’s declutter method, but this time I'm doing things differently. I'm setting a time limit and challenging myself to find new things to declutter from my bedroom. Come declutter with me!

I usually never declutter an entire room at once. Who has the time or mental capacity to declutter an entire room all at once? I have decluttered this room but I think there’s more here to do.

Wardrobe declutter

Wardrobe declutter

I already decluttered my closet, but I know there’s something else. I have a dress that’s cute and I love it, but it doesn’t fit. I held on to it because I had this vision in my mind that I’d wear it with cowboy boots when I moved to California. Well, I’m not moving so out it goes. 

Pajama drawer declutter

Pajama drawer declutter

There has to be something in my pajama drawer to declutter, like mismatched tops or bottoms. Yes, I found one top that served me well but it doesn’t go with anything and I don’t need it. 

Worn belt


I also saw that I had a fake leather belt that I saw was wearing away, but I still put it back in my drawer and didn’t throw it out! Well, now I’m tossing it because it looks terrible. Ha! Now that makes three items I’ve decluttered.

Sleep masks

Sleep masks

I have too many sleep masks. Three sleep masks are a little excessive and I don’t even remember the last time I wore one. I’m keeping the nice one and getting rid of two.

Box of hair ties and accessories

Hair ties

There are a bunch of scrunchies I can toss. I just asked Alexa how much more time I have and she said I have nine minutes left.

Decluttering candles


I have two spent jar candles. I wanted to melt the remaining wax and recycle the jars, but haven’t gotten around to doing that. So if I melt the wax today, I’ll get rid of two jars.

Do you need to keep birthday cards?


I have a bunch of birthday cards that I don’t need anymore. Can I count each card as one item? Well, I’m running out of time and I’m going to use that as an option. I’m tossing five cards, which takes me up to 15 items! I need five more items!

Decluttering socks and underwear

Underwear or socks

Do I have any socks with holes or that have lost their elasticity? I have two pairs of over-the-knee socks. If I’m being honest, it’s been years since I could wear that look again! I think I can get rid of them. I am just scrambling around in my drawers to find something to toss. I have 30 seconds left!

Decluttering 20 items in 20 minutes

Where in the world did the time go? I didn’t make it to 20 items but I have two big takeaways from this experiment.

First, 20 minutes is not a lot of time. Second, it’s surprising how clutter just worms its way into your life and even if you’re actively trying to declutter and trying your best to keep unnecessary junk to a minimum, there are things you overlook and just appear without you noticing it.

It’s not a complete fail–I got rid of 17 items! It’s better than not getting rid of anything. This means there’s less stuff taking up space in my life now. Let me know if you’ve taken on the declutter-in-20-minutes challenge and how many items you found to toss! 

I encourage you to take on this challenge. Or, maybe declutter 10 things in 10 minutes if you prefer.

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  • Peggy Peggy on Jun 24, 2023

    I did the donate 40 items in 40 days for Lent one year and it was amazing how easy it was to find an item each day to put in that bag to donate to the homeless shelter. The problem was finding someone to take it to said homeless shelter for me since I no longer drive.

  • Katherine Robertson Katherine Robertson on Jul 10, 2023

    Peggy, there are a number of charities that pick up your donations from your home. The Vietnam Veterans of America even gives you a bag to put your donations in when they pick them up and leave your tax deductible receipt. All you have to do is either call them or schedule online. Aa easy way to declutter without even leaving your house!