50 Things to Throw Away for Instant Decluttering

by Simplify

Mia Danielle helps us find 50 things to throw away for instant decluttering.

Decluttering can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. There is no reason to do everything at once. Baby steps will help create momentum without burning you out.

There are always categories and hotspots that clutter quickly, but those areas can be decluttered quickly too.

Bags are a great example of this. Plastic bags can be useful to keep around but a lot of us keep way more than we need. Dump some of your plastic bags.

Sort through handbags and backpacks. Get rid of anything that’s old, worn, and no longer in use. If they’re in good enough shape, donate them so someone can get some use out of them.

Getting rid of expired products is also another easy way to do a quick decluttering. Go through your refrigerator and toss old food. Look in your medicine cabinet for expired pills or creams. Consolidate duplicates like multiple half empty bottles of the same pills.

Go through your books and get rid of the ones you will never read again. Look through your board games and toss the ones that never get played. Throw out puzzles with missing pieces.

Look through your cleaning supplies and throw out those old sponges and rags that look like they’ve had it. Sort through office supplies and make sure you’re not keeping pens that are out of ink. If you have a junk drawer, there are always things in there that can be tossed.

Find areas you can scrounge through quickly and get a little decluttering done. There’s always something that can be thrown out.

Don’t wait for long stretches of time to declutter. Giving yourself just a few minutes here and there will make a surprising impact.

50 things to throw away for instant decluttering

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  • Susan Vilardi Susan Vilardi on Apr 20, 2024

    I would strongly recommend that if you combine multiple bottles of partially used medication, that you be sure the lot #, and expiration dates also match.

  • Krista DeForest Krista DeForest on Jun 07, 2024

    Was that 50 things? I counted, like, maybe 5? 😂