20 Things That You Can Easily Declutter Right Now

Connie Riet
by Connie Riet

I’m going to give you some suggestions of things you can declutter now to jumpstart your journey towards a clutter-free home.

It’s amazing how a few simple changes can turn a home into a haven of peace and tranquility. A home is a sanctuary for living a beautiful life. It’s not just a place to store our stuff.

That’s why I’m going to give you 20 items you should declutter from your home right now to bring you one step closer to feeling that tranquility.

Clutter can make us feel agitated and anxious. It can take away from the simple comforts of home. When my daughter asked me to help declutter her home, I was eager to help.

Tupperware boxes

1. Jumbled mess of lids and containers

Sort your containers and just keep a few versatile pieces that you absolutely need. Give the rest away so they can find a new home.

Spice drawer

2. Old spices

Spices can lose their magic over time. Check your spice rack for anything that is expired or has lost its aroma.

Organizing cupboards

3. Useless kitchen gadgets

My daughter bought some egg holders that probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but they’ve just been collecting dust in the back of the cupboard. Check your cabinets for unused gadgets.

Mugs and water bottles
Organizing electronics

4. Mugs and water bottles

We all end up with an excess of mugs and water bottles. Keep the ones that bring you joy. Say goodbye to the mismatched, broken, or promotional ones.

5. Electronics

Old chargers, cables, and gadgets can clutter your drawers. Recycle or donate what you no longer use. Toss the things that are broken.

Organizing cleaning supplies

6. Cleaning supplies

Consolidate half-empty bottles into 1 bottle of the same product. Toss the cleaning supplies that you don’t use or don’t like.

Organizing medical supplies

7. Expired medication

Safely dispose of any expired or unused medications and vitamins. These are unnecessarily cluttering your bathrooms and cabinet space.

Beauty products

8. Beauty products

I got rid of half-empty products that weren’t being used anymore, as well as a bottle of nail polish so old I couldn’t even open the lid.

Organizing expired food

9. Expired food

Go through the cupboards and fridge and throw out all food that is expired.


10. Duplicate utensils

Keep the essentials and donate the duplicates. There is no need for extras.


11. Accessories

Keep the jewelry, hats, purses, and gloves that you love, and donate the rest. Accessories that aren’t being used are inhibiting you from truly appreciating the stuff you love.


12. Cookbooks

If you find yourself reaching for a couple of your favorite cookbooks, consider passing on the other ones to someone who might cherish them.

Office supplies

13. Office supplies

Eliminate all broken pens, pencils, and dried-out markers. Only keep the office supplies that you use on a regular basis.

Sock drawer

14. Lonely socks

Where do all those missing sock partners go? We will never know. It’s time to part ways with all of the singles.


15. Vases

A couple of vases in various sizes and colors are plenty. Hold on to the ones that you love and donate the rest.


16. Paperwork

Shred outdated bills and paperwork. Scan what you need and reclaim your drawer space.

Bed linen

17. Bedding and linen

Keep the bedding, linens, and towels that you need and that are still in good condition. Donate the rest because someone out there could really use those extra blankets and towels.

Board games

18. Hobbies

Get rid of those unused board games that you’ve had for decades taking up space in your closets. Especially if they are missing most of their pieces, it might be time to let them go and make space for the activities you enjoy.


19. Candles

Keep a few candles for ambiance, and let the ones that are just collecting dust on the shelf go.

Clothes hangers

20. Extra hangers

A closet filled with empty hangers can be frustrating when choosing an outfit. Keep the hangers you need and donate the rest.

Things to declutter now

These are just a few things to declutter right now to get things started. Remember, decluttering is a journey, not a race.

Take it one step at a time, beginning with the items that are the easiest to let go of. Enjoy the peace and serenity of your new, clutter-free home.

Leave me a comment and let me know how it feels to get rid of some of the excess in your home.

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  • Julia Julia on Jul 07, 2024
    great ideas. Animal shelters accept blankets and sheets. We have so many charging cords that got tangled I put twist ties around them to separate them and then put them in a clear bag so we can see what is in there. Much easier than pulling out cords that get all tangled
  • Elizabeth Haire Elizabeth Haire 7 days ago
    Pens, markers, highlighters --all should be stored "lying down". The ink within will go to the end if stored vertically and thus, last less time, causing you to toss, and go buy more. Just a hint from a teacher's desk.😊